This Breast Cancer Awareness Month known the Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

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Many women who were originally high risk (lifetime risk of 30% or greater) were reclassified to a lower risk where risk reducing mastectomy is not recommended.

According to Palmetto Health Breast Center's website, breast cancer is the "most common cancer in women" and "ranks second among cancer deaths in women". Currently, there is no cure for the disease.

"If you're not one of those poor people that develop it, you're related to them, love them, you are friends with them, so breast cancer affects everyone one of us", said Michael Stewart, a diagnostic radiologist in Missoula.

Breast cancer awareness is so important because generally cancers that are found earlier need LESS treatment. They discovered that healthy breast tissue contains more of the bacterial species Methylobacterium. For men, signs to watch include a lump felt in the nipple, pain, and an inverted nipple.

About 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her life.

However, cancer is easiest to treat typically before any symptoms present, which is why the Cancer Society urges women to get regular breast screenings after age 40 and to do monthly breast self-examinations. "But if properly addressed with current tests and treatment, breast cancer is much more frequently cured compared to most other cancers". A breast cancer survivor herself, Molly shares personal experiences and encouragement for families going through the ordeal of diagnosis, treatment, and the resulting challenges.

"To my knowledge, this is the first study to examine both breast tissue and distant sites of the body for bacterial differences in breast cancer", said Charis Eng, chair of Cleveland Clinic's Genomic Medicine Institute.

The event provided information on women's health, self-checks, prevention and screening for early breast and ovarian cancer.

The group of University of Manchester researchers behind the new SNP test say it could reduce the number of women having their breasts surgically removed as Jolie did, by narrowing down their risk. But some risk still remains, since even a mastectomy can't remove all breast tissue.

· Avoid exposure to chemicals that can cause cancer (carcinogens).

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