Theresa May: UK making preparations for no Brexit deal

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"Especially with regard to citizen's rights, we are very anxious", the parliament's Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt said in a statement.

"We, Europeans, say to the British: "We want our money back".

He said: "There is a lack of clarity, there is even disunity". There are oppositions between (Philip) Hammond and (Liam) Fox. There are divisions between [Boris] Johnson and May. His assessment, however, was in line with that of Michel Barnier i.e. that "sufficient progress" has not yet been made.

After receiving intense criticism from fellow cabinet ministers, Johnson threw his weight behind the prime minister in his speech on Tuesday afternoon.

"We have to make our position very clear, showing what we will do if no deal is struck".

The non-binding measure was backed by 557 votes to 92 with 29 abstentions.

"There may be a transition period", Barnier, who must be mandated by the European Council to negotiate the point, said.

Last month Theresa May announced Britain "will honour commitments" made during its European Union membership and pay £18billion to the European Union during a two-year transition period up until 2020.

"Given the political capital required from the EU27 to agree on EEA transition, member states may resist the prospect of a possible 'transition to nowhere", says Harvey.

"The taxpayers of the EU27 should not pay for the British decision". "So, no more, no less". I know that some are anxious whether we are prepared in the event that they do not.

The divorce bill - the outstanding amount for projects to which Britain has already committed, is the subject of much debate at present. "It would be a short period during which the whole structure of regulations and rules, the legal framework of the Court of Justice would remain".

His remarks come after a letter he sent in April to 400 City firms to demand they inform the Bank of England of their plans for Brexit, including if there is a hard exit without any trade deals or access to the single market.

Juncker warned that despite the UK's prime minister's conciliatory speech in Florence, speeches were not negotiating positions.

Their remarks came hours after lawmakers at the European Parliament in Strasbourg voted overwhelmingly for a resolution saying too little progress had been made in Brexit talks to allow discussions to begin on a future trade deal with the United Kingdom, highlighting frustration within the EU at the pace of negotiations.

At the annual conference of the Conservative Party, Mr. Davis told members that the government did not want to fail in the talks to unravel over 40 years of union. Let us shape up and give the country the Government it needs.

"I think there is a little bit of an over-optimistic attitude about the extent of trade we can summon up with the Commonwealth countries", she said. While this is not a final agreement with the WTO, "it is a good step forward", he said.

In her speech on Wednesday, May said her government would spend an extra 2 billion pounds ($2.65 billion) to build cheaper houses for social housing.

"Boris told me to hand her a P45", he told Reuters.