The football will eventually find me — Amari Cooper

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He puts the Raiders in position to succeed, often with changes unclear to the untrained eye.

Whenever a natural disaster is unfolding in the country, the biggest concern is the health and safety of the people who live in the area.

Some players, including Michael Crabtree and Jalen Richard, wore white face masks while they practiced. It's just one of those things you have to deal with. "It's a shortness of breath, kind of like a Denver altitude feel, except you can taste it". - The Raiders used to play there. So much planning and work goes into this, both in season and during the offseason.

For all his prolific numbers, and Rivers should finish this season with more than 50,000 career passing yards, the one that interests the Raiders most are turnovers.

On Sunday, the Raiders will take the field without Gareon Conley who's experiencing pain in his shin, per reporter Paul Gutierrez. Air quality there generally has been better than in Oakland; however, there is no guarantee it'd be suitable, either. "Everyone else should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion".

With the North Bay region of the Bay Area up in flames due to dozens of fires, it's possible that the Los Angeles Chargers and Oakland Raiders game this upcoming Sunday could be impacted.

For a guy that is playing the worst ball of his career, Cooper doesn't seem to be overly worried about his lackluster play in the first five games.

The Cardinals play a home game, so Arizona is not an option this time.

The Chargers passing attack, which ranks No. 6 in yards accumulated has been far more effective at moving the ball compared to the Ravens No. 31-ranked aerial attack.

Last month in Florida, Hurricane Irma forced the NFL to delay the season opener between the Dolphins and the Buccaneers. "Our prayers are with them". "Focused on the game, man. Not all the external factors". The Monday night game against Miami was moved with just 24 hours notice.

Del Rio rehashed an issue that's plagued the secondary since the 2016 season. Tens of thousands have been evacuated from their homes. But will it be clean by the time we play? Spare the Air alerts were issued for the Bay Area. The game drew a capacity crowd.

Carr is physically ready to play the Los Angeles Chargers, and motivated to snap a three-game losing streak. "They always say, 'Let's move on, let's move on.' But for me, I have to know what happened on those plays that went poorly". "At this point, the game remains scheduled for Sunday in Oakland".

There's no sense in risking anyone's health by keeping the game in Oakland.

On Thursday afternoon, 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh was asked about the air quality and if it was affecting anybody as it is in other parts of the Bay Area.

The obvious solution for the NFL is to move the game to Qualcomm Stadium, while handing out the necessary refunds in the process. - Close enough to make the trip doable for fans. He said "nobody can answer" today what the air quality conditions will be like on Sunday. Carr injured his back in a loss to the Broncos on Oct. 1.

"That's how I look at it", he said.

As good a fella as Cooper may be, none of the above, actually. Lingering effects remain, but it's nothing Carr can't handle. Cut by Seattle after an ankle injury late in training camp, McCray could conceivably be active and get some playing time against the Chargers.