Super Mario Odyssey: How to Get All Outfits

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Much like Breath of the Wild before it, every isolated challenge room in Mario Odyssey has a standard path of progression, as well as a secret well worth finding.

Despite all this, Nintendo has always managed to surprise and delight players with his adventures in the main series. We'll add more scores in when made available.

The Switch is compatible with microSD, microSDHC and microSDXC cards up to UHS-I in spec. That covers many of the cards already available and if you aren't too worried about the maximum speeds, you can get a real bargain.

Here's why it's the greatest Mario game so far.

You'll gather coins very liberally in Odyssey, so if there's a particular outfit or decoration you want, then go ahead and buy it. While the purple coins can be spent at will given that they can each only be used in the world you found them in, golden coins carry over between worlds, and one particular end-game clothing option will set you back 9,999 of the latter.

For example, during one section of a lake-based level - you'll need to transform into a fish as Mario can't hold his breath for long enough.

For this farming spot, you'll be able to earn 72 coins per trip. Capture a frog, then swim right from the entrance - look for a tiny indentation in the wall. If you have a Switch, it sounds this game is a must-have for your library. All Super Mario Odyssey wants you to do is enjoy yourself. This allows for multiple ways to toss Cappy, such as a quick side swipe to perform a spin throw, or shaking both controllers so Mario can roll down hills. After putting more than 60 hours into the game over the past week, I thought I'd put together a list of things I wish I had known about Odyssey going in. It combines everything you expect from a Mario video game, incorporating his signature red hat in fun and fresh ways. That's how the heroes rifle through the kingdom's nooks and crannies.

In the prehistoric Cascade Kingdom, players can control a Tyrannosaurus rex and break bricks and knock out rocks to uncover Power Moons. Warp to the Rocky Mountain Summit flag, and follow these steps. These keep players guessing as they wonder what new experience lies around the corner. The same philosophy runs through their first-party games. With all of this said, let's talk about how glorious every other aspect of the game really is. Despite mediocre battery life, its software and hardware, Nathan Ingraham says, justify the high price for users who don't absolutely need a Windows or Mac PC. Mario must travel the world following Bowser as he collects items for the planned nuptials. And because the same games work no matter which form of play you adopt, you can carry on where you left off wherever you go. Oh, and as for those weird noises - a software fix is coming, but for now affected owners can squash it by disabling NFC.