Some Pixel Users Can't Receive Texts, Google Working On Emergency Patch

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The phones also come with free unlimited storage from Google Photos, meaning that photos will back up automatically at the original resolution - no more worrying about running out of storage space or having to connect your phone to your laptop.

The Google Pixel 2 Now Playing function can intelligently recognize over 17,000 songs that are playing in the background. The Pixel Visual Core will be responsible for processing all HDR+ routines.

Phil Davis was inked in early 2010 and proceeded to rattle off four-straight wins, including one by way of his brand new, self-named "Philmura" submission.

The Pixel is busy, even when it's asleep. All of it was to no avail.

Both also sport crisp screens and front-facing speakers that make it a joy to watch video on because you can hold the phone any way you want without blocking the sound. This allows the Pixel's camera to shoot images that use the company's HDR+ algorithm for a wider color spectrum (by quickly taking and combining multiple images at different exposure levels) with none of the delay you'd typically expect for HDR images. Some of you have mentioned that rebooting or factory resetting the device resolved the issue. In fact, Google is proudly revealing its first ever custom-designed system-on-chip, the Pixel Visual Core image processor. Strangely, the chip actually isn't enabled in either Pixel 2 models. Apple's iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus and Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 manage this effect via a second camera lens to sense depth.

The Pixel Visual Core is built into every single Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL unit.

It may be doomed to wander this earth without a relatable human name like Alexa or Siri, but Google Assistant is constantly improving.

With the removal of one feature comes the addition of another; the HTC U11-inspired Active Edge.

The Pixel launch should have been an easy opening, but getting one proved problematic due to limited supplies. One big fear for users, however, is burn-in. It all just feels a bit, er, pointless to us, and squeezing a slab of metal in your hand also isn't that comfortable to do.

The Pixel is Google's answer to the iPhone. If you say "OK Google" the phone will spring to life.

With the Pixel 2, Google tells us it's finally using something that it has offered other OEMs for a while: the "Google Photos filmstrip" capability that lets the Camera app open the last taken photo and browse through images in a Google Photos interface instead of a separate activity. The iPhone 8 is out, the X arrives in just a few weeks, and the latest device from Google, the Pixel 2, is available now. And that will be the case in the months ahead, since Google devices don't have to wait for carriers to roll out fixes and OS updates - sometimes months after they've been released. And the home screen now prominently shows the next appointment on your calendar, ensuring you never forget a theater showtime or restaurant reservation. Also, the list is going to get updated with support in order to recognize more tunes in the future. If you find this happening a lot, you can turn off the shortcut feature by heading to the Pixel's settings menu, followed by Apps & Notifications.

As a software package then, the Pixel 2 is more than a match for Samsung's flagships and the iPhone 8. Those looking for the extraordinary in the design are looking in the wrong direction. Google Lens will also pull out web addresses and phone numbers from signs so you can browse or call with just at tap.

There's no beating around the bush.

Once you apply a dark enough wallpaper on the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, the background of app folders will change to a dark gray, the app drawer will become more transparent with a darkish hue, and the quick settings panel will go completely black - making good use of the phones' OLED display.