Samsung officially unveils Odyssey mixed reality headset

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With it a 5 minute preview of Halo named Halo: Recruit will be released for free on Windows Store. The Samsung HMD Odyssey will retail for $499 and start shipping on November 6.

Headsets from Microsoft's four other partners, which the company had previously said would start at $399, can also be preordered October 3, and will be available October 17. "With inside-out position tracking, users are not restricted to a limited space during their virtual reality experience". However, where Samsung, and by extension Microsoft, do have an advantage is in accessibility. The Oculus Rift with built-in headset and motion controllers looks exceedingly similar to what Samsung has here.

All of the Mixed Reality headsets that were on display at the event today are available for preorder now through the Microsoft store and other retailers. When you want to exit an experience, you hit the Windows button on the controllers, and you're instantly taken back home.

The Odyssey headset is priced at $499.

Microsoft trying to develop technology that straddles both VR and AR, prompting the company to label its approach as "mixed reality".

Wolfkill also teased that more Halo mixed-reality experiences could come to be, though none have been officially announced as of yet. The avatars moved around and interacted with Kipman.

However, these first mixed reality headsets seem to lean way more toward the VR end of the spectrum. Now that the event is done, we know what that tease meant.

Samsung officially unveils Odyssey mixed reality headset
Samsung officially unveils Odyssey mixed reality headset

"Halo" game fans will be able to get their first glimpse of what mixed reality and Halo can feel like. I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

None of this matters much if you're running on integrated graphics, which Microsoft gives as an option but I haven't found to be the most pleasant experience.

"Microsoft is providing an OpenVR driver that allows SteamVR to automatically identify Windows MR hardware".

Samsung joins Acer Inc., Dell Inc., HP Inc. and Lenovo Group building headsets on top of the Windows platform.

Samsung is taking a step up from its Gear VR headsets with the introduction of a mixed reality headset, which will be powered by Microsoft software.

Microsoft even said it plans to focus on fostering the community and making sure AltspaceVR remains a "vibrant place" to hang out in VR. Will players just be hanging out with a virtual reality version of Cortana, or will we actually get to shoot some stuff?