Red Cross Seeking Donations

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Hours after a gunman attacked hundreds of concertgoers in Las Vegas, local residents are lining up to donate blood to victims of the mass shooting. People in Las Vegas lined up for blocks to donate blood to hospitalized victims, and many more people all over the country are wondering what else they can do to support the victims.

"There is likely to be some short-term effect on tourism, not as much because of concerns about safety, but because the sadness is in conflict with the desire of many leisure travelers for pleasure and relaxation, although some of that effect will be offset by travelers showing their courage and their support for the community", Hanson said.

The Santa Fe UBS office had been open since 9 a.m. He said the gunfire went on for an extended period of time. "We thank you so much", They tweeted.

The office is located at 2801 Rodeo Road, Santa Fe.

October 14, 9 3 p.m.

There are no plans to have special blood drives in Montana for Las Vegas. They're 20. I'm 53.

Erik Hill, regional director of United Blood Services, told the Review Journalpeople began arriving in the early hours of the morning to donate blood.

Harold Runnels Building, located at 1190 St. Francis Santa Fe. Shares of Melco Resorts & Entertainment Ltd, Wynn Resorts Ltd, and Las Vegas Sands Corp changed little.

People take comfort in their loved ones. NEVADA GOVERNOR BRIAN SANDOVAL ON TWITTER "A tragic & heinous act of violence has shaken the #Nevada family".

The American Red Cross said it is sending at least 250 units to the Las Vegas area in the wake of the mass shooting.

However, Atwater emphasized how important it is to keep these donations coming.

Republished with permission of The News Service of Florida. "As we grieve, we pray that God may provide comfort and relief to all those suffering".

"Tragedies like Las Vegas have happened too many times", she tweeted.

For example, following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, first responders learned how vital tourniquets can be to saving lives. Come out and help anyway you can. "So right now we stand ready to respond in the event we are called, but in this moment we haven't been reached out to".

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) made the following statement.

The Las Vegas attack is the deadliest mass shooting in United States history. "Every single person there was trying to save a life". It is the deadliest mass shooting in modern USA history, with at least 59 killed and 527 injured. "We need to have the conversation about how to stop gun violence". Congress has the power to do something about this epidemic. As long as you're in relatively good health and disease/infection-free, it's worth your time to try to donate.