Puerto Rico Restoration Must Be Sustainable, Equitable, and Just

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In Lopez Rivera's opinion, Puerto Rico is still being abused and treated as a colony by Washington, so the US and Puerto Rican economic elites can do business at the expense of the Puerto Rican people. She said she wants to get creative - to deliver an education to children any way she can. When she left Puerto Rico, she said she felt it wasn't Puerto Rico anymore.

But this year, first there was Irma in early September - a Category 5 hurricane with winds exceeding 156 miles an hour - that blew by just north of the island, knocking out power for an estimated 1 million residents. How are people going to get medicine?

Pence says the United States has 14 Navy and Coast Guard ships near the island, and says the US has been making "steady progress" on other challenges, such as opening roads. You know, they owe a lot of money to your friends on Wall Street.

Last month President Donald Trump signed a measure approved by Congress that provided $15 billion in emergency funding, but GOP leaders noted that they expected there would be additional needs.

The fund provides federal subsidies to companies to make communications services more accessible and affordable in places where the cost is high. According to PERI, if the island's long-struggling communities can reclaim the recovery process through democratic public control, the energy infrastructure could completely replace imported fossil fuels with homegrown renewable power by 2050.

While some Puerto Ricans expressed appreciation for Trump's visit on Tuesday, others said they were frustrated with the pace of the recovery - and the tone of some of the president's remarks. She added that "We see such generosity and such resilience everywhere we go" and led the church in prayer.

And we will reach beyond our borders to show the same level of support and compassion for the people of Boston with those in need in other parts of the country. "It is an honor to serve on the volunteer crew of Flight Attendants and Pilots transporting skilled relief workers and returning to NY with hundreds needing safe passage out of Puerto Rico". "We try to focus on the positive".

The Student Assembly President, Mark Cohen, also a trustee and represents all 600,000 students in the SUNY system, says an overwhelming number of students approached him eager to find more ways to help those devastated by the hurricanes. "So I'm hoping that we can somehow work it with the National Guard or any shipbuilding industry, maybe Halter Marine group, or any of the local businesses here that can maybe think of a way to get it over there".

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