Prospective iPhone X buyers may be waiting until 2018 for the device

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Apparently, even Apple demonstrated the Animoji while unveiling the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. This appears to be a novelty instead of the incremental upgrade to the under-display fingerprint sensors.

There's no word as to whether or not new iPads would need to put the camera technology into a notch that divides the display, like the iPhone X, or if it will have enough bezels on the side to avoid that. But there is a price to pay to pay for all of these new capabilities. A total of five confirmed cases of iPhone 8 units splitting in half due to inflated batteries were posted online, in which the first report came from Taiwan. Some reports state that the iPhone 8 was split into two upon unboxing, but others say that the handsets were destroyed after a few days of use. The report theorised that the problem may be down to a defective battery that swelled up.

The Guardian also recently reported on additional cases in Greece, Canada and China - now there are already six cases with nearly similar symptoms.

Apple has said it is investigating, but has not issued any further statement.

Apple iPhone X will be available globally on November 3.

What will be interesting is that such a device could likely include Face ID and Touch ID hardware, distinguishing it from the company's iPhone X which only supports Face ID security.

"Apple is a market leader on these technologies", he told the E-Commerce Times.

For the uninitiated, Face ID works by projecting as many as 30,000 tiny invisible dots on the user's face to measure the dimensions and analyse facial features of the user to unlock the phone, and it does this within milliseconds.

As suspected, Apple was finally able to bring wireless charging to this year's smartphones, bowing to the Qi charging standard used by main rival Samsung and a number of third-party manufacturers. Industry sources claim that Samsung SDI and LG Chem produce the batteries for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Rival Samsung past year recalled its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after reports of batteries overheating and catching fire. As a result, the front panel of the phone is being bent and getting separated from the phone.