Producer Harvey Weinstein On Indistinct leave After multiple Sexual Harassment Allegations Confirmed

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Harvey Weinstein is determined to make amends for his inappropriate behavior, according to his powerhouse lawyer Lisa Bloom.

Kid Rock weighs in on the scandal involving well-known producer and studio executive Harvey Weinstein, 65, who is the focus of of rampant sexual harassment allegations. She said Weinstein appeared in a bathrobe and asked whether he could give her a massage or she could watch him shower.

Upon the release of the New York Times story Thursday, Bloom released a statement about advising Weinstein where she said as a women's rights advocate, she had been "blunt with Harvey" and he had listened.

"I have a different kind of law practice".

Speaking to Scary Mommy, Donahue said it was the "familiarity" of Weinstein's story which prompter her to speak up.

Weinstein attorney Lisa Bloom both defended Weinstein and acknowledged he'd been "stupid".

"During three-decades worth of sexual harassment allegations, Harvey Weinstein lined the pockets of Democrats to the tune of three quarters of a million dollars".

In a revealing exposé by The New York Times Thursday, eight women, including actress Judd, spoke out against Weinstein, who allegedly reached at least eight settlements with women after claims alleged Weinstein behaved inappropriately during work meetings.

"You have to understand, yes, I'm here as his adviser". Following the allegations, the movie mogul announced plans to take a "leave of absence" in a statement to the NYT. Weinstein led her downstairs, where he dismissed two staffers so they could be alone.

"I'm not accusing Ashley Judd of lying at all, I'm glad she's come forward and spoken out her truth", Bloom added. "I so respect all women and regret what happened". All he has done by responding the way he has is lit the tinderbox, and encouraged others to come out now...

"He was a popular congressman who wouldn't answer my reporter's questions unless I leaned over enough so he could look down my blouse", another said.

Booker will be donating Weinstein's money to the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault, a nonprofit based in Lawrenceville that runs 21 rape crisis centers in the state and advocates for sexual-assault victims, Booker spokesman Tom Pietrykoski said.