Police say FBI found vehicle in Reno search

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On Thursday, Las Vegas police said they had found the vehicle they were looking for as part of the investigation into the deadly mass shooting.

Authorities are still trying to figure out what motivated Paddock, who has no evident criminal history, to carry out the shooting.

Top row, from left to right: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Detectives Casey Clarkson and Matthew Donaldson. "We have looked at literally everything".

In addition to interviewing the call girls, investigators are now turning to the public with billboards urging anyone with information to call the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "We have not stopped and we will nto stop until we have the truth", McMahill promised.

McMahill said investigators had reviewed video from the casino and don't think Paddock had an accomplice, but they want to know if anyone knew about his plot beforehand.

"At this time I'll tell you we have no credible information to report to you as to motivation", official said.

The official wasn't authorised to discuss the details of the investigation publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

She also confirmed reports that Paddock sent her on a trip to her home country while he executed the massacre.

A woman walks past some of the 58 white crosses for the victims of the mass shooting October 1, on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip, on October 5, 2017. "We are aware of the rumors outside of the media and also on social media that there was more than one assailant".

When asked by reporters if there was any evidence Paddock planned to flee the scene of the shooting, Lombardo answered, "Yes". Officials say they recovered more than two dozen firearms from the room, including a rifle that had been altered to shoot faster rounds.

A vehicle connected to the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas was located in Reno, 760 km northwest of the US city where the tragedy occurred, local authorities said Thursday. It's unclear why he rented the rooms, the sheriff said, noting the would-be murderer used an Airbnb account to make the rental agreement. But they can also give away the shooter's position.

Using the travel reservation site Expedia, Stephen Paddock requested that his rooms face Grant Park, where 100,000 people gather every day for the four-day music festival.

Investigators have not revealed the woman's name, but told ABC News that she was a hooker.