Oculus Rift VR will ditch room sensors next year

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But Oculus Rift hasn't been forgotten with the company announcing a new focus on business.

Saying that, "We have to find the sweet-spot in the middle of affordability and quality", Zuckerberg announced the all-new standalone headset, Oculus Go. However, commercially, the Rift was a massive flop, with Oculus only managing to ship 250,000 units in 2016. You don't need to plug the headset into a computer like the Rift, nor do you have to dock a phone like the Gear VR. The headset will be higher quality than the cheaper Samsung Gear VR, which is created to work with a smartphone.

The new device, called Oculus Go, will cost $199 when it hits the market next year.

As expected, Oculus Go is a self-contained headset that doesn't require a physical connection to a smartphone or PC. That's essential for blur-free VR. Oculus has not managed to integrate the tracking is positional, which allows you to track player movement in a room.

Price comparison: Sony's PlayStation VR costs $349.99 for the headset alone and, unlike the Go, the PS VR needs more parts to work. As of today, though, that's now the permanent price in the US. This price cut is now in immediate effect. It's also getting a price drop because Facebook wants to continue to move into VR, and they can't do that unless the Oculus Rift is on the heads - or at least available - to one massive number of users across the planet.

Barra says the display has a higher Pixel fill factor than an OLED display, meaning you'll get less of the screen door event where users gaps are visible between lines of pixels.

In other news, Oculus introduced the Rift Core 2.0 which includes two new systems, Dash and a redesigned Home.

The new version will enable you to customise nearly every part of your interactive startup screen, including furnishings, art, backgrounds and more (a sci-fi themed version was shown off at the show, complete with a space-set background and more). You can even mount your achievements on the wall, and you'll launch games by dropping old-school cartridges into a Sega Genesis look-alike. Also below, is a newly released video further highlighting Audi's use of Oculus for Business by allowing customers to customize and get a better feel of "their dream vehicle".

It's meant to be used for watching movies or concerts, playing games, or just hanging out with friends in VR.