North Korean Hackers 'Stole' US-South Korean War Plans

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President Donald Trump has discussed a "range of options" with his top military advisors to respond to North Korea's aggression and prevent it from threatening the US and its allies.

It said the US warplanes flew with fighter jets from the South Korean air force and Japan Self-Defense Force in the first nighttime B-1 bomber exercise between the three allies.

The US policy in conducting de-nuclearization talks with North Korea does not seem a realistic policy as achieving the state of de-nuclearization is not perhaps the feasible option.

"The Korean-American relationship is very important and our visit to Chinhae gives us the opportunity to strengthen the outstanding relationship that exists between the U.S. and the Republic of Korea", said Commander Chad Hardt, the submarine's commanding officer, according to a release issued by Pacific Command.

US defense officials have told CNN that the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan will conduct scheduled exercises with the South Korean navy off the peninsula at the end of this month.

North Korea has been previously tied to numerous hack attacks, in part via groups of expatriates located abroad, including in China (see U.S. Government Warns of North Korean Hacking).

In August, more than 60 members of Congress wrote to Tillerson that the Trump administration should "publicly declare its agreement with the constitutional requirement that any preemptive attack on North Korea must be debated and authorized by Congress". But Kim, the third generation of his family to rule, is officially revered in the North, and any suggestion of removing him from power is taken extremely seriously in Pyongyang. The company did not dispute NBC's characterization of the report, but declined to comment.

Accordingly, we must reach out to the North Korean people if a peaceable solution is veritably what we seek. Please kindly be reminded that a large number of underground Christians are within North Korea.

This positive process is worth a try", said an editorial in the state mouthpiece Global Times, following yesterday's military exercises."War would be a nightmare for the Korean Peninsula and surrounding regions.

But that hasn't stopped its hackers from becoming some of the best in the business.

And the latest revelations from South Korea allege that North Korean hackers stole some 235 gigabytes worth of data, including a joint South Korea-US wartime operational plan. The North also agreed to mothball its graphite nuclear reactors and buy new light-water reactors while submitting to full inspections under the NPT.

Robert Park is a founding member of the nonpartisan Worldwide Coalition to Stop Genocide in North Korea, minister, musician and former prisoner of conscience.

The truce village of Panmunjom and the observation post, both inside the DMZ, were among locations Trump was considering visiting, the source said.