New Waterproof Kindle Oasis Can Be Underwater For an Hour

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Waterproofing might have been long-waited by a lot of Kindle users, but Amazon has also added support for audiobooks.

More interestingly - Amazon's latest Kindle marks a first: it's the first eReader made by the retail giant that's waterproof.

Amazon lifted the cover of the second-generation Kindle Oasis ebook reader – and now this premium device is actually a good device as well!

The new Kindle Oasis e-reader features a 7-inch, 300ppi display and an aluminum back.

Furthermore, the original Oasis had a built-in battery that promised around two weeks of power, but it also shipped with a separate battery cover that connected to the Oasis via a little port on the rear to give it another seven weeks.

The design is very much as laid down by the original Oasis, with a slim body behind the display and a pronounced bulge at one side, housing all the brains and the battery.

In addition to its new casing, the Kindle Oasis has a larger, 7-inch screen, and faster page turning: 400 milliseconds, 20 percent quicker than the previous model, Amazon says. It's also bumped up the number of LED backlights from 10 to 12, which should make for a clearer reading experience, and there's now an ambient light sensor that can adjust the screen brightness to your environment. You still get two physical page-turn buttons alongside the display, or alternatively you can just tap the touchscreen.

As already mentioned, the Oasis features a waterproof IPX8 display to help protect it from splashes.

Another change to the new version of the Oasis is the exterior. You can connect it to any Bluetooth audio device and easily switch between the spoken word version of a book and the text.

The Oasis also features either 8GB or 32GB of storage, and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and optional cellular connectivity. This makes the Kindle Oasis the ideal e-reader in the bathtub or even by the pool.

Amazon's other Kindle e-readers include the basic 6-inch Kindle ($79.99), Paperwhite ($119.99) and Voyage ($199.99).

"There aren't many single-purpose devices left", said Arthur Van Rest, a general manager on the Kindle team.

The portable device was first introduced in 2007 and sparked the rise of e-readers and digital books. According to non-Amazon data, it seems to have reached its peak in 2011.

How many times have you dreamed of a Kindle that can be used in a hot pool?