Microsoft kills Kinect for Xbox One and Windows

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Recall that the Kinect story began with the announcement of Project Natal at the worldwide exhibition of electronic entertainment E3 in 2009-m to year. After years of pondering on what to do with the accessory, Microsoft has officially made a decision to pull the plug on it.

The Kinect, with about 35 million units sold since its 2010 launch, is now officially dead. This accessory made the then Xbox 360 the fastest selling consumer electronics product in 2011. As a result, the company had to unbundle the Kinect from Xbox One, notes The Verge.

Harmonix's rhythm game series Dance Central was probably the biggest franchise that was only playable with a Kinect, but elsewhere developers struggled to find a use for the peripheral, the tracking abilities of which left a fair amount to be desired. But despite that, the camera become a core part of the Xbox One launch, with the console initially launching with the camera as a standard.

Despite that initial success, the Kinect failed to really catch on as a gaming device.

Kinect was much more than a combination of virtual pet and sports games, however, and it's leaving behind a legacy rife with creative individuals who have utilized it for medical purposes, research, and more.

Microsoft's Kinect is an awesome piece of hardware, but following their phone exit, will now cease production.

Microsoft has ended the production of Kinect and permanently discontinued the device, according to a report by Fast Company. If you want to make sure you get one as soon as they hit our shores pre-orders for the system will open up in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for when those go live. Certain games used the technology to great effect but the reality was that most games either were too shallow of an experience or the tech simply didn't work. Surprisingly, Apple have even adopted Kinect technology on the iPhone X which you might remember has FaceID that uses a miniature version of Kinect to detect people's faces in its notch just above the display.