McDonald's Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce stunt backfires

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It started outside the east entrance, bled out into the sidewalk and wrapped around into the parking lot.

And finally, the restaurant chain granted that wish, offering the sauce for one day only: Saturday Oct. 7, and only at a few locations.

The fast-food chain brought back it's rare Szechuan sauce for a one-day promotion on Saturday (local time).

To make a long, weird story short (but still weird), "Rick and Morty", which airs on Adult Swim on Turner Broadcasting's Cartoon Network, has a die-hard fanbase who obsess over the show.

McDonalds took note of the demand.

'We wish we could have brought more sauce through, but we couldn't risk keeping a portal like that open, ' he wrote, adding that they had brought the bottle back from a another dimension where it was 1998 everyday.

In it, Rick dreams about going to a McDonald's to taste the sauce.

Bystanders filmed groups of angry fans lining outside one restaurant chanting "We want sauce!" It was only to be available on Saturday, and only in select stores.

People were outraged to find exactly how limited McDonald's "really, really limited" roll-out of the sauce actually was.

The first 50 people in line had a chance of getting the sauce, along with other gifts such as posters that showed other sauces such as sweet and sour, honey, and hot mustard, and stickers of the posters.

McDonald's offered an apology, but it did not assuage the fans' anger.

A McDonald's PR stunt to bring back a rare dipping sauce left thousands of fans disappointed, with police called to some U.S. restaurants on Saturday. Rick admits to have developed an obsession over it and vows that "in 9 seasons or 97 years I'll receive more Szechuan sauce." . She said when she heard the news Monday, she was thrilled. Most people I spoke to said they came for a mixture of reasons: to celebrate the show, to try the sauce or just for the fun of it.