Lena Headey: Harvey Weinstein was 'furious' after I rejected his advances

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It could be because they didn't know any better and thought that it was normal.

Depending on the role technology plays, it can either leave the senior generation behind or it can enable them to lead an ambitious and productive life. A veteran assistant is counseling newcomers on how to handle sexual harassment.

But really the only change that can come at this moment is for men to tell other men to stop. "I said I was the proof". The richer and bigger the man, the more victims he has. What began online spilled on to the streets - and how! "#MeToo is an eye-opener and a call for us to review everything we do and the spaces that we live and work in", wrote one journalist.

The National Sexual Assault Hotline is available 24 hours a day at 1-800-656-4673. They have kept their silence - until now. (NBC News doesn't generally identify sexual assault survivors and has respected the wishes of those who didn't want to be named in this article).

As Ms Burke's movement shows, sexual violence has been a pressing issue for years.

Lena Headey is the latest actress to come forward accusing producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. If by putting the words you are able to acknowledge the wrong that was done to you, then it will do some good at an individual level.

These followed another claim, passed to Scotland Yard detectives by Merseyside Police, relating to an alleged sexual assault in the capital in the late 1980s. The hashtag was tweeted nearly a million times in just 48 hours. Sometimes those deaths are even played for laughs as if the death were retribution for being an extra, a normal person.

French actress Judith Godrèche, once aspiring actress Katherine Kendall and costume designer Dawn Dunning, then an aspiring actress, also accused Weinstein of wrongdoing. I hated going to work every day. It made me feel ashamed and dirty. I'm talking about those who knew and remained silent. I froze but then I screamed and he left.

Several male celebrities also said they had been affected by sexual violence. Their actions don't fix it. "Multiple times", wrote Hamilton star Javier Muñoz. But even the smallest of small fry can be a sexual harasser.

"Harvey's like Judge Judy", a source told the gossip site.

To make one of Lenovo's laptops a part of the family, see here. Catcalls and lewd language directed at women are the simplest forms of harassment. ".Men, it's not our job to keep reminding you". "I'll speak to him", said the HR guy. Meg Nolan, writing for Vice, lamented the fact that women are "tasked with performing our pain so often". One has to wonder as well how many women have been sexually abused or harassed who still don't want to talk about their ordeal.