Las Vegas, Gun Violence, and the Failing American State

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At least one of the rifles found in the hotel suite was outfitted with a "bump stock", a legal attachment that allows a semi-automatic weapon to fire at the same rate as a fully automatic firearm.

The National Rifle Association voiced support for regulations on firearm bump stocks on Thursday, as Republican Congressional leaders have publicly spoken on restricting or even banning the devices.

The debate on whether the bump-stock devices should be sold rose in the days after the shooting, with Democrats also calling for stricter gun laws as well.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders restated the president's position, that he wanted to wait until the cause of Sunday's mass shooting has been determined before the administration starts trying to fix the problem.

But despite its approval for anti-bump stock regulation, the NRA said "banning guns from law-abiding Americans based on the criminal act of a mad man will do nothing to prevent future attacks".

"We need to broaden this to make sure it's covered", Lesser said.

Bump stocks can make semi-automatic guns perform like automatics. To be clear, those who believe that gun control or one law is going to put an end to mass shootings are, unfortunately, severely shortsighted. "There are some accessories that are available on the market, such as a bump fire stock or a slide fire".

On semi-automatic weapons, the trigger must be pulled every time to fire a round, after which the weapon reloads itself.

The seemingly intractable stalemate in Washington over gun control may be easing a bit, as a growing number of Republican lawmakers say they're open to considering limits on Americans' ability to turn semiautomatic weapons into essentially fully automatic firearms. I guess it must be seen as the price we must pay for that destructive "liberty" that has left so many dead and the gun industry very, very wealthy.

Bump stocks replace the stock of a weapon and use the gun's recoil to move the gun back and forth, shooting faster than trigger-depressing usually allows.

"We have no position on bump fire stocks or any other components really, that may have been used at this time until we get some more information from investigators. I know what guns can do".

Earlier this week, Trump appeared open to discussion on new gun control measures, but said enough time had not passed since the rampage to open up the conversation. On Thursday, Republicans and the National Rifle Association agreed-the pieces of equipment should be regulated.

Democrats, including Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, on Wednesday introduced legislation banning aftermarket products created to allow more rapid firing.

"Congress has a responsibility to review current law and explore legislative changes as necessary, and any such changes must balance policy with citizens' constitutional protections". She said she is working to win Republican support for the bill and plans to reach out to President Trump, who was in Las Vegas Wednesday to console victims of the tragedy.