Las Vegas concertgoers file lawsuit against bump stock company

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More than a week has passed since the tragic shooting in Las Vegas. Congress has a moral responsibility to act and address the daily tragedy of gun violence in our communities.

"You can't resist the urge for one night". Unlike, say, abortion or gay marriage, a change in policy isn't as simple as deciding that something - e.g., abortion past a certain term - is now legal or not legal. But would he have had the ability to take as many lives and injure as many people as he did with it? An analysis by the data-journalism outfit FiveThirtyEight found that in the last four years, there were 90 mass shootings in the U.S.

In the video above, Rep. Andre Carson discusses the gun control debate in an interview with CBS4's Bob Donaldson.

"Once America decided killing children was bearable", he stated.

It is not the duty of government to provide "domestic tranquility", as the letter writer suggested. Your "condolences" and your "prayers" do not do anything.

She said: "America is a gun-happy country and I think there are many of us in growing numbers that don't want a gun-happy country".

Investigators are looking into the motive of gunman Stephen Paddock. According to the Human Development Index, the US has almost four times as many gun related homicides as the country with the second most-Switzerland, and almost six times as many as Canada. The Obama administration was not trying to take guns away from everyday citizens but, simply, limit the guns one can buy, such as assault weapons. He was able to inflict such a heavy toll because he fitted the semi-automatic guns with bump stock devices.

There is a difference between an argument for having guns to hunt, and the argument to have semi-automatic or automatic rifles.

Together, we ask you to stand up to the leadership of the NRA and vote against legislation gutting our gun safety laws regarding silencers and concealed carry reciprocity.

There is one thing that is perfectly clear: the NRA's disgusting manipulation of Republican politicians and voters must end if there is to be any serious bipartisan discussion on real solutions to our country's gun violence issue. They would be treated as a regular firearm, requiring only a federal background check, instead of a special license like it's required right now. "They want to blame the weapon", Burgess said.

Caleb Keeter, guitarist for The Josh Abbott Band, released a statement after the shooting of which he and the band were present. "We are sent there to take action, to make our families at home more secure, and all we have are moments of silence from this House", Clark told WCVB's On The Record.

However, Paddock did not use automatic weapons. Wisconsin already has some statutes in place that deal with this issue. While some people from both sides put together reasonable arguments, the solution is clear - firearms need to be extensively regulated so people like Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, can not get their hands on them.

"Hillary Clinton ran as the most pro-gun control candidate in American history and she lost".

Sure, there may be too many guns available in our society today, but seldom are they fired on innocent people.

As we've seen from the agonizing string of recent terror attacks across Europe, where gun restrictions are much more stringent, criminals find many ways to kill. This problem is bigger than you and it's bigger than me.

The time to talk about gun control is now.