Jason Aldean cancels shows out of respect for Las Vegas victims

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He said: 'We were in Planet Hollywood and people started running towards us saying there was a shooter on the loose and that they'd heard shots.

Fifty-eight white crosses for the victims of Sunday night's mass shooting stand on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip, October 5, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He ran off stage as the shooting progressed.

At points, it becomes apparent that the location is almost directly in view of the gunman Stephen Paddock's vantage point from his suite on the 32nd-floor of the hotel.

Country singer Jason Aldean spoke out against violence and called for Americans to come together a day after a gunman opened fire on the crowd during his performance at a Las Vegas music festival.

The video also shows officers staying low behind a police vehicle on Las Vegas Boulevard and telling uncooperative bystanders to get down and take shelter.

'It was so well lit up because of all the lights of the concert, you could clearly see dozens and dozens of bodies on the ground, just piled up on the ground.

Ivetta Saldana, who was attending the festival, told The Las Vegas Review-Journal she hid in a sewer after the shooting began.

The crowd, funnelled tightly into a wide-open space, had almost no cover and no easy way to escape.

Amid sirens and sounds of gunfire, police attempted to find out where the shooting was coming from. In addition to the 59 who were killed, more than 500 were injured.

The types of injuries ranged from gunshot wounds to people who were trampled and other injuries, Lombardo said. "We are all humans and we are all Americans", he continued.

Aldean, who was slated to perform three shows this weekend in Southern California, said he plans to resume his tour on Oct. 12 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. "Our deepest sympathies go out to the injured and the deceased and their loved ones". He worked as the manager of Central Park, an apartment complex, there. Something has changed in this country and in this world lately that is scary to see.

"As this investigation continues, we will continue to work with our partners to ensure that this is factually, thoroughly and absolutely investigated, to be able to bring comfort and peace back to this community".