It's world national health day, so help your work colleagues out!

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The announcement, thought to be the first of its kind by a United Kingdom law firm, is timed to coincide with World Mental Health Day today, which has been given the theme of "workplace wellbeing". World Mental Health is an attempt to draw attention and create awareness about mental health issues. Factors such as performance expectations, increasing competition and peer pressure will be deliberated upon at the mental health carnival, Ronny George of the Chaitanya Mental Health Institute said.

We need a lot more resources and more people on the frontline, particularly in Yorkshire and we need mental health services that are less bureaucratic.

She said: "One in two adults with debts have a mental health problem".

Public attitudes to mental ill-health have improved by about 10 per cent and those receiving mental health services have reported a drop in discrimination.

According to a World Health Organisation (WHO) study in 2014, India features among the leading countries where depression and anxiety are on the rise. It went on for so long that it ended up being normal, so I would get home and I would experience the same problem.

At YoungMinds, we work with young activists and families to campaign on mental health. Workplaces that promote mental health and support people with mental disorders are more likely to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and benefit from associated economic gains.

There are plenty of simple and low-priced solutions that SMEs can follow to create a positive workplace environment that supports mental health. Better late than never, now I am working on finding some time to balance my life with work.

"There is a gap between general publicity, and people getting the help they require and conversations being normalised in the workplace", he said.

Risks may also be related to job content, such as unsuitable tasks for the person's competencies or a high and unrelenting workload. If they need to see a psychologist, let them do so.

"And it's only when you have your total health that you can be productive and grow your economy". Leaders should be proactive in implementing both preventative and reactive measures, plus ensuring their workplace is a supportive environment for employees already living with a condition.

Investing in the mental wellbeing of your staff can help retain excellent employees while creating a more supportive, open culture.

World Mental Health Day functions by way of raising awareness of mental health issues and the various methods in which people can seek support, or aid those who live with such problems. The number of under-18s arriving in A&E with a psychiatric issue has more than doubled since 2010, while 90% of senior teachers say that they've seen an increase in anxiety, depression and self-harm over the last five years.

"Anxiety and depression are potentially serious mental health conditions for people of all ages and must be treated as such".

Building a digital mental health gateway was a key part of the government's response to the National Mental Health Commission's Review of Mental Health Programs and Services.

"Managers overestimate staff wellbeing - it is convenient for them to do that because it is tricky to talk about it and even more hard to deal with the results of talking about it", said Mr Oxley.

Available cost-benefit research on strategies to address mental health points towards net benefits.

A recent Sadag led survey found that 61% disclosed their mental illness to their managers. The team has also laid down 10 recommendations for UP prioritising need for a state specific mental health policy and streamlining of funds amongst others.

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