Indian Supreme Court bans sale of firecrackers on Diwali

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"The ban will ensure that the levels of air pollutant do not reach as high a limit as they did a year ago around Diwali". In fact, this year, Diwali in Delhi and its nearby areas will be a smoke-free and noise-free affair.

"Let's try out at least one Diwali without firecrackers", the top court observed on Monday, suspending the sale of firecrackers in the region. It cannot be denied that there are adequate statutory provisions, aid whereof can be taken to ban the sale of these crackers.

"All dealers across NCR have been affected".

The ban is effective immediately and lasts until November 1. "So instead of waiting for people to approach the court, the government on its own should move to ban firecrackers in the city".

"Can I just ask on cracker ban".

Welcoming the Supreme Court's order, experts said a sustained focus on tackling the menace is the need of the hour. "If we are not able to sell the stocks, we will die of losses".

"This is not child's play".

Bursting crackers in your neighbourhood adversely affects animals like cats, dogs, cows and even birds as it puts them through a lot of undue stress and fear.

For Indians, celebrating Diwali with lights is a reminder of the significance of seeking the good in life, staying on the right path, and the importance of self-improvement and knowledge. For us Diwali is finished.

Some said the Supreme Court's ruling was unfair to India's Hindu majority and went way to far.

This will only create new avenues for corruption. "Why did the police issue us licences in the first place?"

The Supreme Court, earlier on October 6, had reserved its order on the review petition over lifting the ban on firecrackers.

"People running the industry in Sivakasi are big shots". We've got you covered.

In its order the Bench pointed out that as the ban was imposed a year ago after Diwali, the NCR did not have the benefit to test air quality without bursting of crackers.

The relaxation had come after Sivakasi fireworks manufacturers had challenged the 2016 ban on the ground that it had affected 821 fireworks industries and snatched the livelihood of five lakh employees. Those who had already bought firecrackers can still burst them. The firecracker industry in Sivakasi employs over 300,000 people and has an annual estimated turnover of about Rs.7000 crore.