Huawei's Mate 10 And Mate 10 Pro: The Gizmodo Hands-On

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Of course, all that power is worthless without software to make use of it. Like other AI-compute-enabled phones, the Mate 10s will primarily use their accelerators for improved photography, at least at launch. This results in Huawei having captured 11.3% of worldwide smartphone market share, closely behind Apple which had 12% market share and sold 41 million smartphones in the same period. While not as drastic as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 or Essential PH-1, the 5.9in LCD Mate 10 and 6in OLED Mate 10 Pro displays both enjoy a much narrower display. "Meanwhile, the Mate 10 Pro has a 6" 2160x1080 AMOLED with a 70,000:1 contrast ratio and that Huawei says can reproduce 112% of the NTSC color space. Around the back, there's a more ostentatious "PD" logo around the camera area, along with a distinctive cutout that provides some visual differentiation compared to the plain old Mate 10 Pro.

Huawei says its Kirin 970 octa-core processor is lightning fast, so you can expect it to handle any game you can find in the Google Play store, and image editing will be a breeze. The new phones have been in the news a lot lately but have now been announced at an event in Munich Germany.

Porsche Design and Huawei's latest partnership makes the iPhone X look positively affordable.

Like last year, the PD Mate 10 is effectively a supercharged Mate 10 Pro.

During Huawei's demonstration, users could still interact within the desktop mode with the Mate 10 with the screen acting as a giant touchpad and it even brings up the onscreen keyboard when you need to type. However both phones are not similar in looks.

These snappers offer a number of ways to get the perfect shot including faster focus with phase detection, 4-level motion face and object detection.

There is also a mirroring function called Easy Projection, where you can connect the device to a projector for demonstrating how an app works or to enjoy gaming on a larger display.

Yesterday's debate about public vs. private has transformed into the reality of hybrid cloud: a recent survey shows that 74% of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy. To the front, both the devices bear an 8-megapixel sensor with a f/2.0 aperture. There is additionally an extravagance Mate 10 Porsche Design model, costing $1647 (Rs. 174k).

The organization which has since long been known for bringing out high quality cell phones in tight value ranges just released its top notch cell phone.

The Mate 10 also features a curved rear glass case which has been designed to sit more comfortably in the palm of its owners.

See that little flower icon in the bottom left? "The HUAWEI Mate 10 Series introduces the first mobile AI-specific Neural Network Processing Unit, launching a new era of intelligent smartphones". The smartphone measures 156.5 x 75.3 x 7.6mm and comes equipped with a fingerprint sensor placed on the rear panel.

The phones run Android 8.0 and Huawei's new EMUI 8.0 user interface.

For instance, your blower can suggest switching on the Eye Comfort Mode when you're reading a big chunk of text and the ambient light sensor detects that the room is dark. The typical Huawei Mate 10 gadget highlights 4GB of RAM while the upsized Huawei Mate 10 Pro will accompany 6GB of RAM.