Harvest Moon to make rare October appearance Thursday night

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Look to the skies tonight because the Harvest Moon will rise!

The full moon will rise around 7:27 PM this evening and it will be considered at Harvest Moon because it is the closest moon to the autumnal equinox.

Every moon has a special name, while August's full moon is called a Sturgeon Moon, the last full moon of the spring is known as the Strawberry Moon.

The late Harvest Moon was caused by the moon being new, with its sunlit side turned fully away from Earth, just two days before the equinox, on September 20.

This year's autumn equinox occurred on Sept. 22, closer to the October full moon than the September full moon.

To watch it, you just need a clear view of the sky. That's why the moon looks more orange.

May's is the Flower Moon, because of the flowers that are in full bloom.

This stunning image captured the beauty of the Harvest Moon as it appeared over Kent tonight.

The name was given to the September moon by Native Americans because it marked when corn was supposed to be harvested.

In fact, the harvest moon hasn't been in October since 2009.

Since the full moon usually appears very bright, anyone wanting to see the celestial body's noticeable features should be able to without a telescope.

National Geographic adds that you can see the full moon throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

It is easy to guess why the harvest moon is named as such.

One thing that's unique about the Harvest Moon is the timing of moonrise - when the moon rises above the horizon - after the full moon.