'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda releases benefit song for Puerto Rico

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"Two words. I'm in, ' having not heard anything he just was in".

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who has positioned himself as a fervent advocate for La Isla de Encanto, has spent the last several weeks drawing attention to the plight of Puerto Ricans.

Trump, of course, has been widely criticized for not doing enough to help Puerto Rico, for not acting quickly enough, and for his divisive comments and tweets.

Trump's response to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico was much slower than similar disasters in Texas and Florida. I kept thinking about that song, so I took a sample from the song "Maria", to flip it.

Miranda also has been active in criticizing the Trump administration's relief efforts on the USA territory and will be appearing tonight on Chris Hayes' MSNBC program to discuss it. "For me, that helplessness turned into, 'OK, well, what can I write that will help?"

They emphasized the seriousness of the crisis, with many people lacking power, food and fuel more than a week after Hurricane Maria made landfall.

Purchase "Almost Like Praying", which has already shot to No. 1 on iTunes, here. "And we can't be worn out when it comes to our fellow Americans", he said. "We need the government response to be equal to the response of the people". I was hoping for an announcement of additional troops on the ground, additional aid. In "Almost Like Praying", he also employs lyrics from the musical West Side Story, which features Puerto Rican characters. "That's where my head goes when I hear the name Maria".

"We feel stranded", Joe said at the time.

The song's lyrics list all of the 78 towns of Puerto Rico.

"I would much rather be writing a song than jumping up and down and making noise".

He said: "I broke my Rolodex and called every Latino artist I know". Appearing on CBS This Morning on Friday to promote "Almost Like Praying" and his other Puerto Rican relief efforts, Miranda made it clear that he wasn't sorry for tweeting at the president to go to hell.

"And when I didn't know them, I got on Twitter".

And Puerto Rico needs to stay in the spotlight.

"So he gave a memory stick to Estefan, who was there on a relief mission - she then flew it back to us".

"The devastating earthquakes in Mexico have elicited a deeply moving response from the Mexican people", Cuarón said in announcing his effort.