Halloween safety for drivers and trick-or-treaters

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Halifax Regional Police said in a media release that Halloween night is the best night of the year for many kids and they want to help keep it that way. Halloween should be a fun and safe way to spend the evening.

"They are wearing costumes, they have stuff covering their face, no reflection on them".

Also when out after dark, someone should carry a flashlight and kids should wear or carry something with reflective tape or material.

Make sure costumes are above floor length and all accessories fit properly to prevent tripping or entanglement.

Because masks can limit or block eyesight, consider non-toxic makeup and decorative hats as safer alternatives. Use safer alternatives to candles like flash lights and glow sticks.

State police are encouraging people to keep safety in mind as they take to the streets to trick-or-treat today.

The mother said that her daughter plans on trick-or-treating by only knocking on houses with pumpkins on the front.

When trick-or-treating, if there is no sidewalk available, walk towards the far edge of the street.

Never cut across yards or use alleys. "They're travelling both sides of the roads, and crossing the street a lot, especially in residential neighbourhoods", said MacDonald.

♦ Accept only commercially wrapped candy - discard all candy that is not wrapped or candy with wrapping that appears to be punctured.

Make sure an adult inspects all candy before eating it, do not eat candy that is already opened.

¯ Check all treats at home and eat only unopened candy and treats in original wrappers.

Once the candy comes out, everyone is a goblin!

No shocker here though, dentists recommend not letting you children eat all their candy in one night.

It is illegal for a registered sex offender to participate in Halloween trick-or-treat activities.

- Be respectful of neighborhoods when trick-or-treating.

This might just be a tip from me (spolier alert: it is).but parents should also have fun and go out in costume!

For more information about Halloween fires and fire safety, check out the U.S. Fire Administration's website.