Google Takes On Amazon Dot With New Home Mini

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The Google Home Mini reportedly acts just like the full-sized Google Home connected assistant, giving you news, playing music, answering questions, etc.

The Home Max is a larger Google Home that features stereo speakers and more premium looks and materials. For instance, users will be able to find their phones with Google Home Mini and Google Home.

The Google Home Mini is now open for pre-orders and will retail at $49.

The company claims it doesn't matter if the Home Max is placed on a shelf in the corner of a room, where audio can often sound too bass-heavy and muffled.

You can connect Home Mini to any Chromecast enabled speaker wirelessly. However, it's not clearly created to play music.

At Pixel 2 event, Google launched the second Home device named Home Max. It's like one of those kid singers on those TV reality talent shows who stands like 3 feet tall and then belts out a song like she's Aretha Franklin.

It has the same fabric-finish like the Google Home Mini. There are LED indicators on the top of the device. It charges with a Micro USB, and not with USB Type C. Also, it comes with a smart audio optimization feature that automatically adjusts sound depending upon the room's surroundings.

Much of what was in the rumour mill was true, including the three colour options and the fabric cover use. Interestingly, it is glued on, and can be replaced if you want to. It comes in Chalk (Black), and Charcoal (Gray).

It's nit just speakers that have been announced as Google also revealed the successor to the ChromeBook Pixel, which was discontinued earlier this year. Isabelle Olson takes the stage to comment on the hardware technology of Google Home. It's 20 times louder than the initial Google Home.

Google on Wednesday announced a new version of its smart speaker. There is no information on its availability in other markets. Voice Match is now rolling out in all seven countries where Home is available. The speaker will be available by December and will be coming with free 12 month subscription to YouTube RED.

When it comes to getting people into the voice assistant world, $50 speakers are really where it's at. Speaking of children: Google has also partnered with Disney and other studios and game companies to bring voice-based games and experiences to these devices. Also, Google's free-of-cost Hands Free Calling is coming later this year to the United Kingdom as well.