Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL vs. LG V30

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100 percent crops from the night scene above clearly shows more noise in the Pixel 2 XL image than in the iPhone 8 Plus. It's an exciting time for Android fans, but tempering that excitement is news that the Google Pixel 2 XL may have some "issues" with its display.

To expand the reach of HDR+, handle the most challenging imaging and ML applications, and deliver lower-latency and even more power-efficient HDR+ processing, we've created Pixel Visual Core.

The Sun Online has given them a once over to advise you on whether it's worth splashing out.

Both versions of the phone have front speakers and they're noticeably louder than the previous model, which I appreciate if I'm listening to audio or watching a video without headphones or an external speaker.

The main magic of the Pixel 2, versus the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy line, is the integration of Google services. LG has decided to go with regular old adhesive this time around, so while battery removal isn't impossible, it certainly isn't something that's easily accomplished. Getting the extra inch from the Pixel 2 XL costs you $200 more, with a base price of $849 as compared to the smaller phone's $649. I read somewhere that reviewers gave the phone to people who thought the phone was made out of plastic, but that's just because those people must have been heathens.

The built in camera has just a single lens on the back (unlike the dual lenses being rolled out on competitive models), but thanks to some serious processing, it can turn neat tricks like portrait mode.

Finally, iFixit removes the hardware responsible for the Pixel 2's Active Edge functionality.

The to-be enabled eight-core chip will enhance Google's photo apps and eventually will allow third-party photography apps to take HDR+ quality images. When Google's wireless Pixel Buds roll out in November, they'll be able to translate spoken foreign language in real time-a feature exclusive to the Pixel 2.

And Google wants you to snap pictures. With both devices making use of the same screen, it seems entirely possible that the same problems could affect both. But these algorithms run using the general processor - Snapdragon 835 for example - on the phone.

As an added bonus, OLED also offers deeper blacks than LCD. When you get the kit, you should first transfer your data from your trade to the new Pixel 2.

It has a special Google Assistant button so you can command your phone to do things with ease. A second camera on the back is designed for wide-angle shots, with a field of view of up to 120 degrees.

The USB-C port is on its own board, which is good because it's a high-wear item that may need to be replaced.

Apple's decision to axe the 3.5 mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 was controversial, but a year on and Google has followed suit with the new Pixels.

Both phones offer similar future-proofing as Google and Apple will offer updates to future versions of their operating systems for at least three years. It's leading in the ambient computing and artificial intelligence game. Keep in mind that your trade must be sent to Google within 30 days of initiation of the trade-in process.

Admittedly the Pixel 2 XL is more expensive and you can't get hold of one until next month but, if you are in the market for a new Google smartphone we'd definitely wait before spending your hard-earned money.