Google Is Investigating An Issue With The Pixel 2 XL's Screen

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The dominant payoff is in the form of better features, attribute of being a new model, higher internal storage capacity (against 32 GB) and the complimentary Google Home Mini being offered along with the phone. The notification shade, status bar and on-screen navigation buttons, according to the first people to spot the burn-in issue at at Android Central. The almost bezel-less and larger Pixel 2 XL, meanwhile, has LG's P-OLED panel. Is this a physical problem with the phone, like having antennas positioned such that they're interfering with each other?

The investigation follows Google's acknowledgement that it may introduce new software to respond to users' concern about a blue tint to the Pixel 2 XL's 6-inch screen. In addition to walk-in repairs, customers who purchase Google's preferred device protection plan can also get their phone serviced through all uBreakiFix locations when filing a claim. Just like Samsung or Apple, Google too, has beautiful cases made from genuine leather. This could potentially change in the near future however.

The phone sets itself apart with promises to bake in Google's powerful artificial-intelligence technology for quick and easy access to useful, even essential information. Only your eyes will be able to decide whether it's a deal-breaker. The issue becomes even more apparent when displaying a gray, red or black background. It's a fairly common problem on OLED devices, but it usually occurs much later in a device's lifespan.

Google is investigating reports that review units of its new Pixel 2 XL smartphones have problems with their display screens.

Now, not every user is reporting it, but for those who are it seems a replacement under warranty is Google's strategy.

We've got Android 8.0 builds of OPD1.170816.010, OPD1.170816.011, OPD1.170816.012, and OPD3.170816.012 for both phones. Have you been told to wait for your Pixel 2 device?

Ghosting, also known as image retention, could also be the culprit here leaving these lingering images behind.

The advantage of POLED screens is that they allow a degree of flexibility.

You only have 14 days to return the Pixel 2 XL to Google for a refund, and Verizon also offers a 14 day return policy, but you will need to pay $35 in restocking fees.

Google is actively investigating problems with the Pixel 2 XL display, after reports that review handsets are suffering OLED screen burns. Last year Intel canceled some chips for smartphones and tablets, although certain commercially available phones and tablets still have Intel chips or modems inside.