Google Home Mini and Google Home Max: All you need to know

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Unlike Amazon's competitor, the Google Home Mini is covered in fabric, which also has touch controls built into it - that may not be immediately obvious at first glance.

Google has announced a smaller version of its home assistant in the Google Home Mini. A larger version of its flagship Google Home speaker, Google Home Max was created to emphasize sound quality, like Apple's aapl rival HomePod web-connected speaker.

Unlike Trueplay, however, the Max's system operates dynamically using machine learning so that if you move the speaker while it is playing, the sound profile will change within seconds.

Google Home Max will launch in the US for $399 and comes with 12 months of ad-free YouTube Music. The Home Max works with several well-known streaming services, including Google's own Play Music and Spotify.

Google is also more closely integrating Google Home with Nest's products.

Google Home was one of the more interesting home assistants when it launched. It costs $399 and will be will go on sale in December, starting with the United States initially.

Google Home has expanded functionality that now allows you to preset a series of functions that get triggered by a single command.

Google, besides launching its Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL smartphones, launched two new speakers with Google Assistant.

Google Home Max is the much more large and capable device. It will be available in three colors - coral, fog, and charcoal. The Home Max can customize its audio settings based on the device's space. At $399 it's more expensive than Apple's HomePod, although you do get 12 months of YouTube Red (with music subscription) free. Both smart speakers promise high-quality audio and feature voice-controlled assistants. It also supports "Voice Match" technology, which recognises different voices of users and shows customised results. Google Home also offers calling capabilities in the United States, and it will launch that feature later this year in the UK.

Google introduced Google Mini, the newest member of Google family.