Fundraisers held for Las Vegas shooting victims

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In the wake of the shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night, a GoFundMe account has been set up to aid the victims and the families of those who were killed.

Thousands of people have queued for hours to donate blood for victims of the Las Vegas massacre. And show up they did.

As always, those located outside Nevada who wish to donate blood can visit the American Red Cross website and enter their zip code to find the nearest blood drive.

The United Blood Service said the needs are for O-negative, O-positive, and platelet donations.

By 10 a.m., ABC News estimated that the wait at one location had reached five hours, as hundreds of people lined up to try and be of service.

"Already the local Las Vegas community and communities across the country including here in Colorado are coming forward in solidarity to support and honor those impacted by this senseless shooting".

That's according to supervisors at two local blood banks, who say they'd prefer to see donations spread out during the year instead of en masse immediately after a disaster or tragedy. Another said: "Shots fired from Mandalay Bay, there's many people down, stage left, just be advised".

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department advised against making donations at hospitals, which are inundated with the victims of the attack, KVVU-Fox5 TV reports.

The Red Cross is calling for blood donations in the Las Vegas area and elsewhere. The Southern Nevada chapter of the Red Cross-which works hard to get blood donations where they're needed most-accepts donations online, by phone or via mail.

The requested blood, particularly universal donor Type O-negative, will likely go to replenish regional reserves that are now headed to Las Vegas hospitals where victims were taken, said Kent Corley, a spokesman for Blood Centers of the Pacific.

Las Vegas police also provided a number for those concerned about their loved ones to call.