Experts have estimated the profit of Samsung from each iPhone sold X

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To put it on, just slide your Galaxy Note8 in like a regular case and it will connect to the device via USB Type-C. The 5,500mAh unit is going for RM269.90 while the 10,000mAh version is going for RM339.90.

So while Apple's latest and greatest iPhone will beat out Samsung's by a wide margin, Samsung is still winning. Also note - any fair study of Galaxy VS iPhone sales would compare the unit sales of Galaxy S8 against the iPhone 8, and the Galaxy Note 8 vs the iPhone X - those are far more equivalent in their aims and advertising angles. It's a beautiful phone from every angle. Is this a bad thing or a good thing? The phone's hardware is top-notch and full of new features. However, according to analysts, the Korean company has created for the Apple batteries and capacitors.

Samsung and Apple have had an interesting relationship over the years, love/hate is an understatement. The iPhone X is a large phone, much like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which for some people may be too big, though a larger and crisper screen is always a beneficial upgrade. The fingerprint sensor has become a common technology and it is available on many high-end devices.

Thus, the company won't probably introduce what is already in the market.

The company took extra time to put the handsets together to make sure that the debacle does not happen again.

Unfortunately, the case doesn't charge the phone at the Quick Charge speeds the Note 8 supports.

Samsung employees often refer to Apple with code names. Now it does add a little bit of bulk, and that is to be expected, seeing as it does add quite a bit of protection.

Samsung continues to uphold its commitment to lead the industry in battery safety. The stylus is the difference that will set the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in the front, if users find the S-Pen more useful than other features from different devices. With the Galaxy Note 8, the new App Pair feature lets you create a custom pair of apps on the Edge Panel and simultaneously launch two apps with ease. If you want the phone with the biggest battery in Samsung's lineup, you actually have to go with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.