Early indications suggest harsh flu season in US

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I wish to take the opportunity to thank his mother Aine for supporting our campaign. These include life- threatening allergic reactions to a previous dose of the flu vaccine ingredient in the vaccine.

The nasal spray should not be used during the 2017-18 flu season, according to health experts.

It's flu season in Oklahoma. However it is less than the World Health Organization target of 75%. A total of 71 cases had been reported at the same time previous year. You've got a lot of things working against you. "So it's not a quadrivalent, it's a trivalent, but it does offer that immune response". "So, this is the ideal time before we get a lot of flu out there to make sure that you're protected or that your family is protected".

One influenza-related death was reported in late September in Idaho.

To find out more about how to get your free vaccine, visit www.beatflu.org or www.curwchffliw.org or find Beat Flu or Curwch Ffliw on twitter and facebook. "People in high-risk categories should contact their GP if they develop flu symptoms." said Dr Kelleher.

The Australia situation can help predict which strains of the flu might appear in North America, said Colby, but even that isn't definite. The vaccine provides protections against multiple strains of flu, including H3N2, she said.

There are very few medical reasons to skip the flu vaccine.

But minor side effects can occur from the shot including soreness, redness or swelling where the shot was given, a low grade fever or aches, according to the CDC.

Should I Get A Flu Vaccine Every Year?

NHS West Sussex is stressing the importance of encouraging as many eligible people as possible get their jab, which it described as being "the best way to protect everyone from flu".

· October 27: Weaverville Drive-Thru Clinic, Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center, Arbuckle Court, 11 a.m.to 2 p.m. Stay in the comfort of your vehicle while receiving your flu vaccine.

Regular hand washing is also an important step to prevent contracting the flu. It varies every year. The vaccinated reduce the risk of disease for those who are not vaccinated.

CDC recommends people to renew their flu vaccine each year.