Daily Litecoin Price Forecast: When LTC/BTC Ratio Corrects, Litecoin Can Reach $85.00

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It is always good to see cryptocurrency exchanges improve their services.

"Thanks to this more diversified market it stands to reason that the regulatory interventions of a single country - even the world's most populous country - should have less impact on the bitcoin price over the long term", writes Marc Hochstein, managing editor for CoinDesk. With over $2 billion of daily volume, the cryptocurrency asset volume has surpassed the most traded gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) by many times.

This represents a rise of 400 percent this year alone.

"There has been a period of uncertainty but that has not lasted".

This is again, no surprise as the speculators are likely to go into those markets where they feel that the chances of rewards are the highest.

The best charting and trade analyzing tool I've found is Coinigy. The company allows instant Bitcoin purchases with credit and debit cards in certain regions.

The Ethereum market has not been able to make any kind of a progress so far as the prices of bitcoin continue to skyrocket.

Daily Litecoin Price Forecast: When LTC/BTC Ratio Corrects, Litecoin Can Reach $85.00
Daily Litecoin Price Forecast: When LTC/BTC Ratio Corrects, Litecoin Can Reach $85.00

This news comes after the head of JP Morgan called out the cryptocurrency as a "fraud", but after a slight drop in the value of Bitcoin, the valuation of the cryptocurrency has increased by 75% in the last four weeks. Reversing this would bring the world's second-largest economy back online. Holders of bitcoin will automatically receive bitcoin gold, which is essentially "free money".

Rumors suggest that bitcoin's latest price record is catapulted by China potentially lifting its current ban on cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Yet for those just tuning in, it might not be immediately obvious how strong the cryptocurrency's recent performance has been or the conditions under which it's seen the boost.

Despite the warnings and controversy surrounding Bitcoin, Japan and several other countries are recognising the currency as a payment method. Looking at the 50 and 200 EMAs, we can see the slope is pointing upward and the market is trending well above both EMAs, showing us that the market is pushing upward in a sustainable manner. That represented a gain of more than 13 percent and no doubt had to do with the ethereum fork, which has been handled with much less contention than bitcoin's wars.

Grayscale's Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC), whose shares are the first publicly quoted securities solely invested in bitcoin, rose 9.7% on Thursday to reach $685.50.

But for now, Gerardin said, "there is nothing to suggest such a collapse".