Catalonia vs. Spain: Here's what could happen next

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"Nothing of this would have happened if the (Catalan) government hadn't declared itself in rebellion, breaking the orders of the courts and lying and tricking people", Spain's top official in Catalonia, Enric Millo, told journalists on Tuesday.

The Spanish governments dictatorial response that includes mass arrests in an attempt at preventing the Catalan people from holding an independence referendum now risks sparking a new Spanish civil war, the next major flash point for which would be when the Spanish regime made a decision to send in the army, tanks and all to quell the peoples uprising by force, effectively suspending the Catalan government.

Puigdemont is expected to formally declare independence on Monday, after 90% of voters in last Sunday's referendum opted for a split.

Spain is divided in 17 autonomous communities with government delegates who must follow the same Constitution and legislation.

But Spain's interior minister has said the 5,000 extra officers deployed to Catalonia will stay as long as necessary. "We condemn any form of violence and reaffirm our call for political dialogue", a-t-it launched in mid-day. After all Catalonia contributes the lion's share of taxes to poorer regions.

No one knows what the future lies for Spain and Catalonia. But many non-separatists were also drawn to the streets following Sunday's crackdown on the referendum vote.

Having already risen on Monday after the vote, the gap between Spanish and German 10-year borrowing costs was at its widest level since early June at 126 basis points. The average Spanish citizen sees the conflict in Catalonia in their own light. And by trying, he is just reinforcing the thing that most drives Catalans (or anyone else in the same boat) to support independence: the sense that they are being disrespected, that their voices are not listened to. Police using batons, and some firing rubber bullets, cleared protesters hoping to vote.

The port workers threw wads of unused ballot papers from the vote into the air in the protest outside the party's office in Barcelona.

Catalanonia's referendum was marred by events of violence across the region with Spanish riot police storming and dragging voters out of polling stations.

"I'm here to support democracy and the freedom to vote", said Regina Español-Suñer, who moved to the Bay Area from Barcelona and helped organize Saturday's demonstration.

Spain are now three points clear of Italy at the summit of qualification Group G and can wrap up top spot if they beat Albania on Friday, making that home fixture of paramount importance for Lopetegui's men.

"But it's hard to say my vacation is more important than what is happening here", Karen Healey, 53, from Portland in the United States told AFP outside Gaudi's Casa Batllo in central Barcelona, also shut for the day.

Throughout the years, despite their differences, Catalonians and Spanish players have played together and won a lot of plaudits, famously lifting the 2010 FIFA World Cup by defeating the Dutch thanks to an Andres Iniesta victor, who interestingly has played for the unofficial Catalonia national team. Spanish authorities have ordered members of the Guardia Civil, the national security force deployed to Catalonia to block the referendum, to remain on standby in the region for the next week.

For instance, imposing Spanish as a main language in schools as they believe Catalans are able to speak Catalan only.