Blade Runner 2049 Writers Offer Their Thoughts on Deckard Debate

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Blade Runner 2049 picks up 30 years later in an even more dystopian future, where replicants are now manufactured to obey their human masters. In order to understand both the secret he's discovered and himself, K embarks on a quest to find the missing Deckard and prevent ruthless and odd new corporate overlord Niander Wallace (Jared Leto, "Suicide Squad") and his cold-blooded replicant assistant Luv (Sylvia Hoeks, "The Best Offer") from using the secret to their own advantage.

What is Blade Runner 2049 about?

The weekend box office was helped by school holiday crowds with three of the top five family fare which held up well in their third and fourth weeks of release. 35 years later, the movie "Blade Runner 2049" released after much anticipation and honestly, it is a visual treat. The bones appear human, but they actually belong to a replicant. It also resulted in a pretty pristine viewing experience for most, going in as cold as possible and letting the film unfold fresh.

So why would anyone expect a sequel to a ho-hum cult classic to break the doors down now?

Ryan Gosling is a great replacement as the main Blade Runner, his performance as a replicant is great to watch, especially as his character progresses throughout the film. That had a baby together which brings us to the present. What does it mean to be human? It's like killing a pet. I want to, I think at the end of the movie, I needed... K's holographic girlfriend is a product of a booming companion industry. Flower power wasn't about bullying and drugs were mainly about expanding the mind.

I learned that Existentialism isn't just about the fear of death but partaking in the joy and privilege of being alive. Time travel and its perplexities and oddities are fascinating, ever since the Back to the Future franchise. Androids, also known as replicants, are outlawed in this universe and it is the job of Blade Runners to kill or "retire" them.

The story follows the first film in the sense that it's a hard-boiled detective story at its core, but with the weight of its progenitor constantly in the background and with a running time of 163 minutes, it luxuriates in the narrative, not in a rush to reveal its mysteries. All I can say is go see this movie: it's relevant, it's lovely, it's different and hey, who isn't down to hang out with Ryan Gosling for 2 hours and 44 minutes? Yeah, it's a bit lengthy since many theatres are forced to limit the screenings of other releases in a specified time and due to its duration, the outcomes have been negative for Blade Runner 2049.

To see a film as visually bold and ambitious, backed up by a story that contains both smarts and humanity is a joyous thing indeed; this is top-drawer filmmaking of the highest order. Blade Runner's world has a distinct sound to it. Cars, guns, the city all have distinguishable, unique sounds to them that have grit and realism. Basically, the demand for the film just wasn't as strong as the studio had hoped. Adam's started a Patreon page for Tribulation if you've enjoyed the first episodes and would like to contribute to the project. It wasn't that great. As is the new norm, if the movie has a chance of making money, it will depend on worldwide audiences. It's Halloween season and people want horror movies, even crappy ones like It.

Blade Runner 2049 gets that, and in turn makes its main character a replicant.