Baffoe: The Cubs Are Dead, But Long Live The Cubs

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ROTATION MATTERS: The Cubs could have two rotation spots to fill with Arrieta and John Lackey possibly gone.

Hernandez said he was happy to put on a show for those with the ability to watch back home, even if much of the night for him is now a blur. "I grabbed the ball and tried to tuck it in, like a football", he said. In recent games, Hernández has worn a Puerto Rico shirt before games to batting practice, hoping to bring attention to the plight of the island. Manager Joe Maddon made questionable decisions but remained a valuable presence.

"Man, just the walks", he said.

Speaking of narratives, there's that doggone one that Kershaw isn't very good in October. "I decided to just put the ball in my pocket and be quiet", he said with a laugh. He began Game 4 hitless in his first 20 playoff at-bats, just one short of equaling a franchise record set by Jimmy Sheckard, who went 0-for-21 to begin the 1906 World Series.

The Dodgers celebrate defeating the Chicago Cubs 11-1 in Game 5 of the National League Championship Series at Wrigley Field Thursday. "I had a feeling this whole season that we were going to win and sure enough we did", Pasadena resident Janie Burnett said.

Jesse joined ESPN Chicago in September 2009 and covers the Chicago Cubs for and ESPN Radio 1000. "You look at the 2004 Boston team". "I had that mindset that I was going to make it into tomorrow". Replays shown on the video board, inside Wrigley Field, seemed to indicate differently and so Maddon got his money's worth before leaving.

Kids say the darnedest things. His five walks revealed the rust that has come by pitching just twice since Sept. 26 because of an injury to his right hamstring. No more twitchy bullpen and measly solo homers.

As Tom Verducci detailed in his excellent book, The Cubs Way, Arrieta didn't lack talent in his O's days, not with a screaming fastball and a sharp-breaking slider.

Now imagine you knew many things about the sport, and someone asked you to guess which Dodgers player would hit three home runs to beat the Cubs in Game 5 of the NLCS. Or, about 16-17 innings per pop. So he's obviously not Madison Bumgarner in the postseason. And for allowing a bit of dignity in a gentleman's sweep. Just not the Cubs. It sucks, despite the inevitability.

But there are benefits to these mechanics. "We booked it at one, we were here at six". The pain soon subsides. But his fiancee isn't a Cubs fan. Not the 2017 version, so much, but what 2015 was to a 2016 World Series so may 2017 be to the beyond. This allows the location of the pitch not to be a product of timing - the moment they release the ball as they throw to the plate - but rather where their momentum is taking them as they stride to the target. We know this. This is truth. Longtime Cubs writer and baseball historian George Castle said it's incredibly difficult.

The Cubs "sprung leaks everywhere and gave the Theo Epstein/Jed Hoyer management team plenty to do this offseason". You maybe ship off a younger player who takes everyone by surprise. "That makes for a tough time scoring runs". You keep being a successful organization that neither rests nor pouts. Brian Duensing entered to face Bellinger-who represented the go-ahead run-and induced a fly out to end the frame and ensure Arrieta finished with an impressive stat line. Everything is still pretty damn good in Cubdom. "The defending titleists could be forgiven a World Series hangover, but the underlying factors for that extended slump give pause to the dynastic discussion".