Aide: Trump still sees 'military options' with North Korea

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Trump only began questioning the merits of the war several months later, as USA forces became mired in a war against Iraqi insurgents. It took Trump almost two weeks to visit the island, and during his visit, he inspired an angry storm of tweets when he tossed paper towels at the Latinx people who'd just lost everything.

Trump also emphasized his support for his chief of staff John Kelly, saying he hopes he will stay in the role throughout his entire administration.

"What storm Mr. President?" asked NBC News reporter Kristen Welker. According to a leaked audio recording, Ayers this week urged top Republican donors to take out anybody in the GOP who dares to question or challenge Trump, a step that would pretty much complete its transformation into a personality cult.

He announced that if North Korea should threaten US or its allies, "he would unleash fire and fury on North Korea like the world has never seen before".

The message came after Tillerson had revealed there were backchannels between United States and North Korean officials.

"We are probing, so stay tuned", Tillersonsaid.

"The Mayor of San Juan, who was very complimentary only a few days ago, has now been told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump", the president tweeted last week.

As usual, Trump's governing-by-Twitter leaves us in the dark as to what that one thing is.

The sad reality is that even if Iran were to comply with the letter of the nuclear agreement, it will still be able to develop the capability to build up a vast nuclear arsenal within a relatively short time. "We do talk to them".

No, Tillerson said, he had never contemplated resignation. "We have our own channels".

At a time when Trump should have been healing the divide he's created between his administration and the Latinx population in the United States, he degraded their language, and ultimately the people themselves. Trump later told reporters inside a Las Vegas hospital, where he was visiting to console the victims of Sunday's mass shooting, that he has "total confidence" in Tillerson and said reports that the secretary of state called him a moron were "fake news" and "totally made up".

"Save your energy Rex", Trumpadded, before slipping in another thinly veiled threat of a military strike: "we'll do what has to be done!"

US President Donald Trump made a baffling comment on Thursday evening moments before posing for a photo with the country's military leaders in the White House. He is also susceptible to having his head turned by the last person who speaks with him, particularly if that person is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The North Koreans continue testing nuclear weapons and long-range missiles and threaten to launch a nuclear attack on America and our allies that could kills millions.

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