A ban on 'bump stocks' is absolute minimum in gun reforms

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Details about alleged Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock's arsenal have slowly been revealed by the police after Sunday night's shooting, but one notable mention that keeps occurring is that Paddock used bump stocks, a rifle modifier that converts a semi-automatic gun into what amounts to an automatic using the rifle's recoil.

Bumps stocks are a gun accessory that modify semi-automatic rifles to shoot faster, mimicking banned fully automatic rifles. The New York Times273 Based on the definition that a mass shooting involves four or more people shot, the shooting in Las Vegas is the 273rd of the year.

While Mr Cohen closed his doors as a show of respect to victims' families, many other gun ranges offering automatic weapon experiences remained open.

Tim McKeever and his brother, Ryan, are both gun owners.

According to a 2012 Guardian article, the United States has the highest ownership of guns in the world - about 42 percent of Americans own one.

Paul Valera from the Niagara Gun Range says while it's hard to handle, it's not so tricky to put together. Therefore, members argue, it's hard not to take a look at a device that would transition a legal weapon into one that fires at a rate similar to the tightly restricted ones.

"I think they should be banned", he said.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a longtime advocate of stricter gun control measures, introduced a bill Wednesday that would ban the sale and possession of bump-stock equipment and other devices that essentially turn a semiautomatic weapon into an automatic one.

On Thursday, Ryan also signaled he would be open to examining the legality of bump fire stocks, telling Hugh Hewitt in an interview that "clearly that's something we need to look into".

He joins a growing chorus of Republican lawmakers who want to at least critically examine - or outright ban - the so-called bump stock tool used in the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.

The devices, known as "bump stocks" among other names, are legal and originally were meant to help people with limited hand mobility fire a semi-automatic without the individual trigger pulls required.

The bump stock is legal, yet it aided in the murder of 59 people and the injuries of more than 500.

Lacasse said he believes evil people, not the weapons they use, are at the root of the problem. "It's still a semi automatic firearm", commented Ngo. "We saw firsthand in Las Vegas the great threat that poses and we need to move quickly", State Rep. Matt Lesser told NBC Connecticut.