Why Republicans are frozen on climate change

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Any significant agricultural damage could lead to higher prices for some time, potentially boosting inflation when measured nationally, Meyer said. "In the next couple of weeks we could see (retail) gas prices fall 10 to 15 cents".

Amid Hurricane Harvey and Irma here's a look at some of the most devastating, most horrific storms, which have hit the USA over the past century.

An American Boeing 757 was scheduled to take off from O'Hare to Miami on Monday afternoon carrying supplies for the hurricane relief effort, as well as Chicago-based American employees to restart operations there.

And former FEMA associate administrator Zimmerman says, "My heart goes out to my former peers", whose work this hurricane season has been nonstop.

This is why it is imperative that our elected officials stand up against climate denial and demand that the Administration and Congress commit to long term climate action.

But fix work, reconstruction and purchases of replacement cars and other goods should provide an offsetting boost later this year and in early 2018.

Richard Rood, a professor of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering at the University of MI in Ann Arbor, said this year is "characteristic of an active year" although Atlantic hurricanes that hit the United States vary from year to year. The agency will also make grants for home repairs, with a maximum of $33,300, although Zimmerman says the average grant is closer to $3,000 to $4,000.

The storm's center was located near Lakeland, Florida, as of early Monday morning at 2 am, moving north of Tampa and Orlando at a fast pace of 14 miles per hour. In an interview with far-right commentary website Breitbart News, Pruitt slammed the "opportunistic media" for what he sees are misplaced attempts to explain why Hurricane Harvey resulted in record rainfall, storm surges, and severe flooding.

"When Harvey made landfall in Texas, it made it fully inland and weakened pretty quickly Irma, however, could retain much of its strength", according to Commodity Weather Group's meteorologist Jason Setree.

"This is a storm of enormous destructive power, and I ask everyone in the storm path to heed all instructions, get out of its way", the President said, echoing a tweet he posted Saturday evening. "That will be more of a regional issue".

Hurricane Rita struck the U.S. Gulf coast at the Texas-Louisiana border on September 24, 2005, within a few days after the devastating Hurricane Katrina pummelled through the same region.