We want $20 million to fight Conor McGregor — Nate Diaz coach

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The build-up was dominated by heated exchanges, but McGregor said the American, who came out of retirement for the fight, "won hands down". And the first to want his share of the cake is none other than the rival of Conor, Nate Diaz. You can't edit last Saturday's ass whipping. Mayweather/McGregor's demand was so high that cable and satellite companies were unable to deal with the heavy demands causing the main event to be delayed until the networks could get things back together.

Mayweather had a plan and he stuck to it.

It didn't take long for the Diaz side to come back with a rebuttal of what he would need to get him back inside the cage, as he told Submission Radio.

I have just released my latest podcast where I break the fight down, talking about the mindset, game plans and the future for both fighters.

His remarkable boxing debut, last weekend, saw McGregor take on one of the most decorated and experienced fighters in history, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

McGregor's previous record match length was 25 minutes.

McGregor is better off returning to MMA since it's what he does best, said the now retired boxing champ. Another day another lesson!

"Congrats to Floyd on a well fought match", he added. Conor is younger and at his physical peak.

"I enjoyed the fight". Some reports claim that 'Money' is in line for £233m from the lucrative Las Vegas clash. Great understanding of frames and head position.

Steven Muehlhausen is an MMA and boxing writer and contributor for Sporting News. That's money just to show up healthy and ready to fight. Thank you to you all!

Breaking the PPV record by nearly two million buys would also increase the estimated paydays for both Mayweather and McGregor.

The first two clashes between McGregor and Diaz have been contested at 170 lbs. McGregor said in a press release.

Interestingly, the former five-weight champion would have made money from either bet if they went through as he defeated the Irishman early on in the 10th round, which counts as winning under 9.5 rounds, while he did finish McGregor even if it was not a clean knockout.