WatchOS 4 Features And Release Date Confirmed

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Ahead of then, we've been collecting the latest and greatest rumours. You can choose to answer and transfer a call to the iPhone.

Apple's iPhone launch event is now in full swing and the United States technology giant has just revealed it's launching a brand new Apple Watch. It comes with 4K HDR as standard and is powered by Apple's A10X chip, which is also used in the iPad Pro. Series 1 Apple Watch is still alive and the price has been slashed down to $249. Apple also previewed deeper integration of live television, allowing users to navigate between live news and sports streams via the company's new TV app.

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 3 on Tuesday.

The event opened with audio of Jobs talking about Apple's vision, followed by heartfelt comments by Cook reflecting on his friend and mentor.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is capable of acting as a standalone smartphone. The watch will also notify you if any irregular heartbeats develop, based on your past data. Additionally there is a also a probability of LTE support which will also be offered, given that a signal meter and new complications are available on the Watch, and this would make the device fully independent from the iPhone. Even for Apple, that would be a big step. "Carrying the Apple Watch will be something we look at as we expand of our device portfolio". This apparently comes as Apple attempts to diversify its dependency on Samsung and the South Korean market for components.

WatchOS 4 Features And Release Date Confirmed
WatchOS 4 Features And Release Date Confirmed

Apple Watch has become the world's number one watch, surpassing the likes of Rolex and Fossil, the tech giant's boss said today.

If you want to get your Facebook or Slack updates on-the-go, that works too, as 3rd party apps will work on your Watch with the cellular service.

The Series 3 is "swimproof" and Apple claims that "sound vibrations eject water from the speaker". You will have to wait for the event to see if they announce similar models for their next Watch. It runs WatchOS 4, which was introduced at the company's WWDC conference in June this year. It will come with Watch OS 4 and will give you all day battery life. It's the same case size as the Apple Watch Series 2, though the rear crystal (which holds the heart rate monitor) has been expanded by.25 millimeters.

There have been reports that Apple may not be able to produce enough iPhone 8 devices for its launch in September due to a shortage of OLED panels at assembly plants. Apple's pushing the audio-based communication that makes sense for a watch - it's far easier than trying to type on a watch face - and making use of its Ear Pods, which were so controversial past year.