Video PROOF Kim Kardashian Used To Be Taylor Swift's Biggest Fan

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Taylor also caused controversy with the video by including images of her past selves from different music videos.

Swift's single comes off her forthcoming album, "Reputation", which will drop November 10. And Perry's overdone facial expressions could be annoying to some, but they recall the ridiculous Katy Perry we used to love. Others commented he was "seeking white approval" and that he was no longer "woke" among other things.

Brooks asked. "You could just put (tickets) on sale and they'd get bought immediately by bots and scalpers, and fans would pay the markups and StubHub would make more money than Taylor Swift". "I love the idea of the verifying fans", wrote one user. While it's not a complete revolution, "Look What You Made Me Do" is certainly catchy, and - as a fan - I have faith. I've worked with Beyoncé. And I would never intentionally be a part of art that I felt was ripping off my favorite artist of all time.

"While the beginning definitely had me startled, I feel like she definitely created a vibe that went well with the persona she was trying to portray".

Apparently, everyone seems to be watching - and listening to - Taylor Swift's latest single. But, who killed Taylor? Taylor's shy 2009 VMA-self chimed in with, "I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative". Declaring the old "Taylors" as "dead" in this video is a risky, creative cul-de-sac to be cornered into, especially when the new image seems to be based on an old feud and general vindictiveness. 'If Taylor, as a woman, plans something, she is "manipulative".

From curly-haired towhead Taylor with a guitar to sleek New York Taylor, we've all grown up during Taylor Swift's dramatic rise to the top of music. "I made that b**** famous/Godd**n, I made that b**** famous", but she captured their call on video. "She probably voted for Trump!" The climax of the video, where all the Taylor incarnations repeat negative statements made about Swift throughout her career, is both hilarious and brilliant. This guarantees your place in line for concert tickets, but it doesn't guarantee that you'll actually get them. "I think the video and the song were a risk, but it could pay off in a big way". "The strategy right now is to make sure that we deal with the reality of limited supply - which is the reality in every ticketing situation in the world". Everyone is on edge.

Did you engage with any of your online critics about this video? As if I was confident BBC news would givashit what I had to say?! This sociopolitical slam only serves to bring up another old (well, 2016, anyway) lament: that Swift, a self-anointed feminist, was one of the few major celebrities who declined to use her vast social media influence to endorse a presidential candidate (namely, not the one who was boasting about sexual assault, the same crime she just sued a man over).