US Bank ATMs accepting donations for relief efforts in wake of Harvey

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The news from Texas is horrific as Hurricane Harvey continues its devastation from coastal towns into Houston.

About 200 miles away from Houston in San Antonio, rain conditions were less severe, said Amell, who arrived there Sunday. "I'm going to endure everything at once", Rainey said.

The local Red Cross is hosting three Disaster Responder Bootcamps.

Shelter volunteers are one of the organization's most pressing needs as it prepares to operate the temporary housing quarters in Texas, Louisiana, and parts of Tennessee. "So they're anticipating moving those people, if they will move".

The company said late Wednesday it had shipped more than 1,060 truckloads to the impacted areas, including 930 truckloads of water.

"They're kind of playing a cat-and-mouse game", he continued. We can't understand the situation that they are going through. The American Red Cross has also staged additional blood inventory in Dallas.

At the Red Cross' Farmington headquarters Friday morning, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and other state officials toured the facility and met with volunteers to thank them for their service. Golub said 100 percent of the donations goes directly to the Red Cross. For a limited time, get a digital subscription for just $3.95 a month.

Amell also responded to Shreveport, La., a year ago when severe flooding ravaged that state, Texas and Mississippi.

"You could still get around". "Both of us were born and raised in Texas, and the street Michael grew up on in Houston is under water now". This includes shipments of emergency supplies to multiple shelter operations in the area.

Volunteers like Vista resident Merrill Peterson said the images on television provoked their desire to serve. We had to drop down south of Houston and are working our way back up.

In the 17 Kentucky counties the local Red Cross covers, Jaggers said about six volunteers have been sent to assist in the relief effort.

Tauscheck says volunteers often feel as if they get more from the experience than they give, and the retention rate for the volunteers is high. "We need volunteers in Texas and then, because so many of our volunteers will be deployed, we need volunteers to step up here", she said. We anticipate being there 30 days or more, and we'll probably swap crews out every two weeks or so. They start getting all the national people home.

"A shelter is like a small, cosmopolitan environment", Della said, noting people offer their skills to meet the needs in the moment.

"I mean, majority have no idea whether their home's even still there and what condition it's going to be".

Volunteers from the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and other organizations are helping the thousands of people impacted by the massive storm.

David Ace Griffon made a decision to volunteer and says he's prepared to be sent to Houston at any time now, "I'm actually here to give my assistance for the disaster relief from Harvey - I would like to just help out all I can".

Donations will be accepted online at or by check in person at the Red Cross local offices at 3530 Belmont Avenue in Youngstown, Suite 7.