UN chief warns US, NKorea on clashing rhetoric

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Putin said it was important that all parties affected by the crisis, including North Korea, not face "threats of annihilation" and "step on the path of cooperation".

Global solidarity in the face of North Korea's nuclear threat crumbled Tuesday as Russian Federation rebuffed United States calls for new UN sanctions and Washington promised its allies advanced weaponry.

Guterres told reporters at United Nations headquarters in NY on Tuesday that North Korea's nuclear and missile tests threaten regional and worldwide stability. "Do you think they'll give it up now?"

The Korean Peninsula has been in a technical state of war since the Korean War ended in an armistice in 1953. The announcement and North Korea's claim that it could mount the warhead on a missile, dramatically upped the stakes in Pyongyang's standoff with the global community over its banned weapons programmes. Mongolia has diplomatic ties with North Korea. The four additional launchers were reportedly being stored at Camp Carroll. The probability of thousands of casualties and vast damage to infrastructure has thus far been a major factor in keeping the military means of stopping North Korea a remote possibility. The yen strengthened on Lee's remarks.

THAAD system arrives in Seongju on September 7.

A convoy of USA military trucks carrying four launchers for the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system made their way through an activists' blockade at a former golf course in the southern county of Seongju.

The decision to deploy THAAD, created to shoot down short- to medium-range missiles mid-flight, has drawn strong objections from China. Putin is attempting to take the lead in de-escalating tensions in the Korean peninsula.

Geng urged South Korea and the United States to stop the deployment of THAAD, adding that its powerful radar could probe Chinese territory and therefore undermine the country's security. Two launchers had already been deployed.

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters in Tokyo that his country was preparing for various scenarios, including North Korea's development of electromagnetic pulse attack capability.

"Our stance on the THAAD issue has been consistent and clear", Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said in Beijing.

The JoongAng Ilbo quoted Trump as saying, "South Korea only understands one thing".

There were 2.3 million fewer Chinese tourists in the five months through July from the same period past year.

He said that given the North's range of weaponry, including long-range artillery, simply setting up missile defence systems made no sense. It's different from conventional defense missiles, which seek to get close to a target and self-detonate to damage or deflect the threat.

Seongju, famous for its melons, is now gaining attention for a missile defense system that US forces have installed on a golf course there.

The Trump administration has warned North Korea that any threat to the USA or its allies would be met with a "massive military response".

Putin also called some of the stances taken by USA government officials "boorish".

The US said on Monday it would table a new United Nations resolution on tougher sanctions in the wake of the latest test of a nuclear bomb by the North on Sunday.

Trump is to speak Wednesday with China's president.

China has warned North Korea against launching another ballistic missile, saying it should not worsen tensions.

"You know that the territory controlled by the government forces has swelled a lot in the past two years, and the process still continues", Putin added.