UC announces support of California suing Trump administration over DACA

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On Monday, California, Maine, Maryland, and Minnesota tossed a fourth lawsuit onto a pile of federal cases that seek to block President Trump from ending DACA, a program created under former President Obama that allows roughly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants to remain in the United States.

This is the first attempt by a college institution to contest Trump's ruling on DACA, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Capito, the junior Republican senator from West Virginia, said on MetroNews "Talkline" last week the issue of border protection has been debated enough by lawmakers and it is time for action. "I am disturbed by the increase in detentions and deportations of well-established and law-abiding immigrants", he said. But still Corzo said undocumented immigrants who are apart of DACA face negative misconceptions.

Democratic Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed the lawsuit, which claimed the Trump administration violated 5th Amendment rights and other laws when it rescinded the program. If this action was done, a lawsuit against DACA would be dismissed.

On Friday, Becerra told KQED that everyone in the US has the right to due process and equal treatment under the law.

Payton Grgurovic an international student at the New School was one of many student protesters at Columbus Circle on Sept. 9 2017
Payton Grgurovic an international student at the New School was one of many student protesters at Columbus Circle on Sept. 9 2017

"When DACA happened, it opened up opportunities for me", Silva said. They are activists, scholars, and hardworking young professionals who belong in this country as much as anyone else. Campuses across the state could also be hurt by Trump's decision, including Fresno City College.

Most of the people taking part in the protests on Saturday said they have benefited from the DACA.

"California stands with the millions of immigrants who make this state a vibrant and prosperous place", Gov. "In a late-evening tweet, Mr. Trump specifically called on Congress to 'legalize DACA, ' something his administration's officials had declined to do earlier in the day". We need to tell them that we will remember their vote when we have our vote on Election Day.

White House legislative director Marc Short said Tuesday that an amnesty for almost a million illegal immigrants would not have to be tied to funding for a border wall. Frankly, I think Trump is against it, but his base is all he has. The president is right to undo the overreach of his predecessor, and he is right to put the onus on Congress to do its job. However, the Department of Homeland Security shows that apprehensions kept the number at check.