Trump is being 'played' by Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un — Clinton

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The book is nearly 500 pages and was published Tuesday.

It did have to be admitted, but not before then, otherwise Clinton would have risked accusations of playing the 'gender card'. "It was like he'd just wave a magic wand".

Clinton still can't seem to tell the difference between a white nationalist and working-class voters who are upset because their family incomes are stagnant or falling, they feel shut out of the labor force, and their communities are mired in substance abuse and despair. Her column runs every other Friday. And Mrs. Clinton jumping onto the bestseller list with a memoir assigning blame for her devastating electoral loss was bound to reignite smoldering flames in our still-fractured nation. "I had a lot of that at my book signing".

Here's a quick Electoral College Cliffs Notes: Basically, when you vote you aren't really voting for Donald Trump or Clinton. To the contrary, she says.

"You breathe through one (nostril), and you hold it, and you exhale through the other, and you keep going", she explained. Blame Bernie Bros. It isn't Hillary Clinton's fault she lost; it is yours!

"What makes me such a lightning rod for fury?" she writes.

Of course there is nothing wrong with criticizing her, or disagreeing with her views.

Karp noted that the publisher had hoped the reviews would "reflect opinions of people who have actually read the book". "We will. I hope I'm around to vote for her-assuming I agree with her agenda". "But it's important that we understand what really happened", she adds.

Katy Tur, the NBC News political correspondent who was often singled out by Trump during his campaign, also has a new book chronicling her experiences covering the now president for nearly two years on the road.

It doesn't appear the appetite for unraveling 2016 has gone anywhere.

Like Miss Havisham wearing that wedding dress or Uncle Rico talking about throwing a football over a mountain, Hillary Clinton remains stuck in a moment. I suppose I'd be fine if someone gave it to me for Christmas, but I'd rather get a Cabela's gift card.

That is hardly a white nationalist agenda.

Hillary Clinton has found the perfect book for a president well known for his aversion to reading: a picture book. Donald Trump aside, Clinton was the first female presidential nominee of a major party in the United States. Some accusations are valid: Sexism did factor into her negative public image and into her loss.

"You know, there's an atmosphere, and there are these things called greenhouse gases, and they trap heat and that affects water temperature and oh my gosh have you heard of Harvey and Irma and maybe Jose?" Who asked for this?

Hillary Clinton described last fall's presidential election as a "theft" in an interview with Anderson Cooper. Read it. You might just be pleasantly surprised.

Trump tweeted yesterday morning "Crooked Hillary Clinton blames everybody (and everything) but herself for her election loss".