The practical guide to choosing a smartphone

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Even Greg Joswiak. vice president of iPhone marketing, recently told Buzzfeed that the iPhone was the "most durable" around.

Apple iPhone X has been the talk of the town for all its "revolutionary" features.

The iPhone X will become a status symbol for true Apple fans and those who want to be seen as having the latest and greatest (and pricey) new phone.

With everyone ogling new features each time a smartphone is announced, I find myself missing the simplicity of my old dinosaur iPhone 4. Where's the magic in that?

Meanwhile, we're starting to see more and more really good budget phones. "The screen is all that matters", says Argodesign's Rolston. Android users worldwide complained the most about performance (25%), USB (11%), battery charging (11%). the carrier signal (9%) and the screen (3%). But seeing as Face ID is replacing Touch ID and our fingerprints to unlock the iPhone securely, I'm hoping it's just as good or better than Touch ID.

But this, too, made me slow down. But to you, it might be little more than needing to boot it back up and go about your day. The device refused to unlock. Failures can range from headset issues to phone reboots and so on. For a company such as Apple, this data could be very handy. During the second quarter, messaging apps like Instagram and Messenger both crashed at an 8% rate. But the person there told us we had to download the app to get into the game. There's no home button on this iPhone. No room for apps. The dual camera system was previously only on the Plus models.

Over the years I have seen it again and again, and particularly after the launch of the iPhone 6 when Apple finally got rid of that ridiculously small screen, that the iPhones do not need unique feature or unique hardware to be truly unique.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with minimal bezels on top and bottom and the InfinityEdge design makes the device very easy to hold despite a big display.

Here's another one that Apple took its time with. This is within the same time frame, so from the first quarter to the second quarter, and that is good news for Android. Go for a phone with a feature called image stabilization, which helps when shooting from a moving location (like a car) or for zoomed-in shots.

EBay is a bit more complicated. It wasn't an endless roster of likes and comments and quickly finding an answer that interrupts a dinner conversation simply because you can. It sounds wild, but companies are already at work on this vision.

Apple brings out a new smartphone every year. When it comes to industrial design, though, the changes have been incremental at best.

Xiaomi has launched the successor of its first bezel-less device, the Mi Mix in China. It's possible that the Galaxy S8's facial recognition could be improved with software updates.