The Possible Implications of Jaime Leaving Cersei Lannister — Game of Thrones

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In true Westerosi fashion, Dragon and the Wolf delivered one blow after another, before finally ending on perhaps the greatest wall-hanger (pun intended) in television history.

And now they have six more episodes to learn how to write female characters with all the nuances their creator gave them. But it is not at all clear that it is getting better. Tyrion needed to talk.

As far as his self-interest is concerned, Jaime is a compassionate moron. Seeing that Dany poses such a huge threat to Cersei, actress Lena Headey shares her thoughts on what was going through Cersei's mind when she first sees the dragon queen. How would Cersei's concession have gone?

What about Cersei, though? I know you do. And he'd do it again. You have to be really specific with your orders. Faced with what should have been certain death on Cersei's orders Jaime walked away with a defiant and final, "I don't believe you". But what happens if she does suffer a miscarriage? A weapon like this in the hands of Jon Snow and Daenerys could certainly be game-changing. Also, Jon was pulled beneath the ice by a wight in "Beyond the Wall" but he came out just fine as well.

Game of Thrones season 7, the sometimes spellbinding and sometimes frustrating penultimate season of the most popular show on television, is over.

But the Lannister gold mines quickly ran dry, and the once-wealthy house found itself completely broke and unable to pay back their loans, which increased exponentially as the Lannisters waged war against the Starks and various other foes. The show is already known for killing people the audience likes, so why pull punches now?

Speaking with Conan O'Brien back in 2015, the Danish actor laid down some heavy hints about Jon and Daenerys' relationship.

Why? So we can be as stunned as Petyr Baelish when he's outfoxed.

This is juicier than the actual show. Arya and Sansa turn on the scheming adviser Littlefinger. And it got skipped. I was giving him the signal and he just stood there. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds. Or a disappointing, teleporting mess with gaping plot-holes and sloppy writing? You keep talking about marrying him. Arya accepts Sansa as the Lady of the North. Sansa accepts Arya as an executioner.

Those omissions mess with characterization. Earlier in the season, an emissary from the bank hinted to Cersei that Euron's allegiance may only be temporary. Jaime in the books feels manipulated by his sister and the last straw was the same here. Fine: This seems to show that the writers recognize that Tyrion's plan was pretty crummy. He believes that "If the dead win, they march south, and kill us all".

A particular moment of note from this season was the discussion between Tyrion and Dany about "breaking the cycle".

Say whaaaat? But hear us out.

Lena Headey (Cersei) brought up the scene during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Still, she'd have enough time to send scouts to watch for Euron's return, and to prep her dragons. But Season 7's reveal that she was pregnant with a fourth child supposedly threw a wrench into the whole prophecy. He was also a coward, never truly fought in battle and when he choked to death at his own wedding, not a single wedding guest cried.