Taylor Swift to Release More New Music During ESPN College Football Games

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LOS ANGELES-Taylor Swift continues her new dark aesthetic with yet another unapologetic single entitled '.Ready For It?'.

Both Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian are expected to miss Swift's potential MTV Video Music Awards wrath at this Sunday's ceremony. "(Not that it's mattered on the charts.) Because "...

In an exclusive report by TMZ, it has been revealed that Taylor has already filed necessary documents to officially trademark parts of the Reputation album, including song titles and famous phrases. The track's 76-place jump is the fifth-greatest chart leap of all time. Of seventeen attempts to trademark 'Swifties' or 'Swiftie', she's been granted the exclusive right to use that in relation to her live shows.

And that's not the only claim to fame "Despacito" holds. (See "Mine", for just one example.) Now, though, a catchy Swift phrase is likely to repeat over and over again without variation. The first was Brookelyn Crouch, a sophomore Theology and Ministry major who has studied music and has a self-proclaimed "doctorate in Taylor Swift". Her silence on this is deliberate. We'll find out who's right on November 10.

Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" is the singer's solo single after three years, which explains the overwhelming response it receives.

In response to the previous trademarking activity, musician Ben Norton recorded a protest song, describing the trademarking of the phrases as an "attack on freedom of speech".

"She will headline a concert in Centennial Olympic Park during halftime of the game", a source told ET.

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